Putting The Pencil Down

Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16

 God saw you before you were formed, He wrote your life in His book. We know the nature of God and we know that He does things right. There is a certain comfort in letting God handle the details of our life. There is something even more comforting in knowing that those details were hand written by God before we came into existence.

You love God, you trust God. Are you loving and trusting Him enough to live the story He has already written for you? Or are you editing, erasing and rewriting your story?

God sees in you what no one else does, He understands you as no one else does. He knows every single fear, every single like and dislike. Of course He is capable of writing our life story, He personally created the main character (you), but more than that, the main character is His child.

His beloved child.

It is the times that we forget we aren’t the authors of our own stories and we grab the pencil from God’s hands, that’s when we get into trouble. We let pride, fear, insecurity, the need to control and a million other things get in our way and we face the world and defiantly shout- I am the master of my fate! We want to know how our story ends and every single road we are going to take to get to our destination. We are most tempted to do this when the story God wrote for us isn’t going the way we want it to and we think we could do it better. So we take the pencil and we erase, omit and embellish what we don’t like and start writing our own story.

Or maybe we grow antsy when others don’t like the narrative that God has written and we are living and they are vocal about it. We often let others in our lives have the pencil and let them re-write God’s story for us This is spiritually and emotionally exhausting.

 When it comes to what others think of our life story, let them think and say what they want, as long as we are sitting back and letting God not only write our story but letting the story play out according to His plan, they can think what they want. We know the author, we love the author and He loves us.

When God writes our story we can cease striving and enjoy peace, rest, contentment. So put the pencil down or better yet, hand it back to God in a personal and humble way and watch as He pens a best seller.


……………and so I ride

The Greatest Of Change Begins With The Smallest Of Steps

The Greatest Of Change Begins With The Smallest of Steps
Sometimes the tiniest of steps can begin the journey to the greatest of change.
 We are called to the new and to change, but by our very nature we resist and avoid it, sometimes quite adamantly. Walking from the known, even if the known is not good, to the unknown or a different situation, is hard and scary business. 
How do you do it? 
You start by taking the smallest of steps into the greatest of changes. By taking that one tiny step you won’t yet realize the great victory but you will be one step closer and you will have started the journey. 
Change doesn’t take giant leaps, it all starts with a single tiny step. 
You take the one tiny step, you gain courage to get you to the next step. Before you know it you are another and another step closer to the great victory. 
You begin the greatest of change with the tiniest of steps. 
So today, take the smallest of actions, but in a new direction. It is the first step towards the life of victory that you are called to live. 
“ Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” Job 8:7

…………..and so I ride