The End of the Conversation

The end of the conversation went like this. “God bless you”, which was answered by “He already did!” Both parties then went on their way and if I had to bet I would say that neither gave a second thought to how the phrase “He already did” was so abundantly true.
By not acknowledging our blessings every single day we might as well be saying ‘just where and when did He bless me, I am not seeing it”
Ouch, that must hurt God when it is so perfectly obvious that we are so very blessed. We like to keep God in the box we have fashioned for Him as it pertains to our lives. We love to tell others, God has got this, let Him do it, while we are stuffing Him back into the box we have given Him in our lives. With God securely in His box it is easy to miss the everyday blessings.
We can continue to ignore the blessings heaped on us but I wonder just what we are missing out on when we refuse to let God into what constitutes the whole of our lives.
Look around you, blessings abound, no matter your circumstances, God is there. Are you missing the blessings? Are you walking right by the blessing because it is not conventional or it does not look the way you thought it would look?
Are you missing the blessing because you have preconceived ideas of what your life should look like and how it should progress? We must remember that God uses unorthodox methods to bring about extraordinary results.
Oh, He can follow the status quo but as often as not, He does not. God is wonderfully unorthodox and will use whatever means He needs to bring you into line with Him.
Look around you and allow the sense of wonder that only God can generate to permeate you. Let God out of His box because to be narrow or single minded could very well mean that you will miss the best of God.
Open the lid, let God know that you are on board when He works in your life, when He works in His time, with the people He chooses and in His way. Open that box and watch the light penetrate the darkness, watch the light change your world.
God is blessing you, God is answering our prayers, it just may not be in the way we expected, however that does not mean He is not doing it. God will get you exactly where you are supposed to be. You can count on it, I promise.
………………..and so I ride