The Struggle is Real

A dear friend of mine is going through some tough times. At the end of one of our conversations she left me with three words. “The struggle is real”.

Make no mistake, the struggles we face every day are very real but I am convinced we are experiencing them for a reason.

Oswald Chambers says that “No power on earth or in hell can conquer the Spirit of the God living within the human spirit’ it creates an inner invincibility.”

The struggle is real and can be painful, humbling, and less than comfortable. God has given us an inner invincibility that allows us to get through the struggle. Not just muddle through, but to walk victoriously in the midst of the struggle.
I read a wonderful quote the other morning that stuck with me. “ Don’t worry. When God works it all out, He will hand back your life on a silver platter.”

Transformation is not without hard work and pain along the way. The end result will be worth the struggle. Don’t give up, fight with all that God has given you. If you have not accepted the gift that Jesus offers, maybe it is time to seriously consider a change of course. Give it to God and He will return your life to you on a silver platter. To me, it seems the offer of a lifetime.

…………..and so I ride