A Time for Everything, God will decide

o Everything There is a Season

Ecc. 3:1-8 is quite simply life summarized.
Ecc 3:5 took me awhile to connect with.
I spent an hour this morning researching this piece of scripture. Every Bible commentary, every devotional and everything I could find had a little different slant on the same verses.
Then God said, close the books, shut off your computer and open your Bible, let me tell you what are in these verses for you.

Yes Father.

This has been a great study for me and an amazing time with God. Ecc 3:5 has significant meaning to me at this particular season in my life. God has plopped me in a situation where I have ample time to study and pray over what it is He is wanting from me and where He needs me to go. I believe He is helping me to discover the beautiful and unique rhythm of my life.
I believe that God uses all the seasons of our lives to shape us into what He desires we be. I am going to take this verse a little out of order but this is what God is giving me this morning.
“A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.” At this time in my life and maybe yours also, God is helping me to see and act upon the things I need to embrace and to understand those things that I need to refrain from embracing.
He is giving me good and wholesome things in my life that are morally and ethically right. He is wrapping those things (and people) around me and giving me the opportunity to soak in the light.
He is giving me a complete feeling of thankfulness for this chance.
With that growth I am finding the strength and wisdom, with His guidance, to refrain from embracing those things that are not good for me and tend to bring me down. When those distracting and destructive thoughts come, I am finding the power to cast them far from me, with His guiding hand of course.
Hand in hand with those things is the fact that God is helping me to gather the stones of who He is, what He represents and what that means to me. The stones I am gathering are helping to build a solid foundation that no one can knock down. Stone by stone I am learning the attributes of God, I am learning just how much He loves me, I am learning to love and revere this most important relationship. The wonderful thing is the stones are only representations of what is being built inside me. I can now take those stones of knowledge, truth and light and cast them towards those who long to find that solid foundation that only God can offer.

I guess to summarize it can best be put this way. God gives us seasons, He will call us to gather in some seasons, where we will be active and productive. In some seasons he will call us to scatter that which we have gathered. He will call us to embrace the good things and He will give us the reserves to refrain from embracing those things which would tear us down. For some this might very well be a series of separate seasons, but for me He has combined this into the same glorious and wonderful season.
I think you Lord for the wisdom and joy I am finding in this season.

…………………….and so I ride

I keep finding out that His ways are not my ways…………

God seems so silent sometimes. We pour out pour heart to Him, anxiously awaiting an answer. We are waiting for the encounter with him that heightens our trust and faith.

………and we wait, yet the unrelenting darkness settles in permanent fashion. Our prayer turns to cries of anguish as we are confused and dazed as He not only seems silent, the perception is that God is absent, unreachable and simply doesn’t care.

I often find God when I am riding my motorcycle, so when God has apparently taken a trip abroad, I jump on my bike and let the wind take me where it will.

Instantly a peace comes over me and moves within me. It is simply a feeling, not like God is talking to me or anything.

I am refreshed and comforted, again, just a feeling, nothing concrete from God.

I am still praying and still listening but so far the door is still shut. So I continue riding. I am waiting for the almost audible voice that belongs to my Father and that I have come to count on. But I get nothing.

Then a small critter runs practically under my front wheel but neither the critter or me are hurt.

I come into a corner to hot and hit the gravel parking lot, but glide up to the gas pump as if I meant to go through there like Evil Knievel.

Someone comes up to me while I am sitting enjoying my Diet Pepsi, it ends up we pray together and I am most blessed.

I round the bend and am graced with the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

God is like the wind because he is a guiding force in our lives. Even though you cannot physically feel or touch him you can feel his prescience. You can feel Him as He refreshes and comforts. You can feel him in the peace that is moving within you.

You can see His hand in an averted accident, in an incredible entrance into a gravel parking lot that should have by all accounts ended in disaster. You can feel Him as He settles between two kindred souls who are praying together at a humble outdoor wooden table. You can feel him as you take in the beauty around a whole lot of bends in the road.

We could look at Job 30:20 or Psalm 22:1-2 to see that we are not alone in thinking that God, at times, seems distant, absent or totally not at that address. But that is just how it feels, not how it is.

He didn’t make plans for our lives to give us a future and hope just to disappear on us.

We will not fear He has gone anywhere because we believe in the promises and not the perception.

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Isaiah 55:8 for my ways are not your ways.

It seems I have to keep being reminded of this!


………………………..and so I rideSilent_edited