A Time For Everything 

A Time for EverythingECC.3:1 There is a time for everything,

    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
The secret to knowing the peace that God offers is to discover, accept and appreciate that God is the only one with perfect timing. 

Being a child of God is amazing because it means that no matter what season of life we find ourselves in, we can choose to celebrate and honor God in the midst of it. 

We can make a choice to grow in the fullness of God and recognize the wondrous season God has plopped you in. As you are appreciating the season, no matter what it is, you are becoming more like your Creator. 

We all have our favorite seasons. 

Some like the new beginnings that spring offers. 

Summer is a favorite of others because of the opportunity to enjoy long sunny days. 

Fall can bring people happiness because of cooler temperatures, colorful leaves and bountiful crops. 

Still others love winter for blazing fires, warm clothes and snuggle blankets. 

EVERY SEASON IS HANDCRAFTED BY GOD FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, the season you are experiencing is no different. 

Some seasons are more fun and comfortable than others. Some we enjoy, some not so much. But each season provides an opportunity to learn something more about ourselves and our God. 

If we weather the storm, we sometimes get to see our God reveal himself as miraculous and wonderful right before our eyes. . 

We don’t always get to choose the seasons we experience in life, but we can choose to know that God is there with us. 

There are times we simply don’t understand the season we are in. However, knowing God trumps knowing answers. 

No matter the season bestowed upon you. Take a moment to thank God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. 




Seasons change, we can count on it. As summer has faded into autumn and autumn is quickly slipping into winter, we bid 2016 goodbye and anticipate the beginning of a brand new year.

Are we anticipating a repetition of the year we just finished. A duplicate of the good and the bad? You now have a new year before you, will you repeat what has been, even what was harmful, or will you have the courage to choose a different course? What kind of year will it be for you?

There is a certain amount of repetition in the seasons. There will always be a spring, summer, autumn and winter. That will never change. That is how Mother Nature works in this world.

However, we are not of this world and we do have a choice. The way the world and society would have us choose is one of sameness and repetition. The way of God however, is one of change and a new life. God does not change but you cannot know God intimately and not be changed.

God can offer you a new life, a new birth, a coming out of the old and into the new. The choice is yours and should not be taken lightly, but should be taken.

Do you want to experience a year of new beginnings and change? Choose to walk not in your will but in God’s will. Choose God.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17


…………and so I ride


Seasons of Suffering, The Rest Of The Story

I woke up yesterday filled with the need to write about the changing seasons in our lives. It never ceases to amaze me how God can give me something to write about then send me somewhere where He has arranged for me to hear, “the rest of the story”.

At church yesterdayI was given hope for the inevitable season of despair that we all must face.

Pastor Dan recounted the story told in Acts 16. How Paul and Silas transformed their prison of pain into a prison of praise and finally into a place of personal ministry.

Arrested even though they had committed no crime, Paul and Silas were stripped, beaten, imprisoned and put in stocks. They were in the filthiest and direst of circumstances. Hurt, humiliated, confined and uncertain of their immediate future, they turned to the only help available, they turned to God.

They chose to turn a painful situation into a praiseful situation and ultimately a ministry.

Would you and I make the same choice? Do we curse God as He allows us to endure such pain or do we sing His praises for being with us as we walk through our season of suffering?

Their prison was no longer a place of pain for Paul and Silas, it was a place of praise. They prayed and sang songs to God until a violent earthquake shook the foundations of the prison. The guard was sure his prisoners had escaped and was about to kill himself when he heard Paul assure him that they were all still there. Their current ministry culminated when the guard, because of their praise to God, asked Paul and Silas, what must I do to be saved.

Oh the joy in knowing that their suffering was not in vain and their praise brought a man to salvation.

We all know there will be tough times we will face. Trials and suffering will become a part of everyday life, at least for a season. You still have choices, even in seasons of suffering.

Will you turn your painful situation into a praiseful situation and ultimately a ministry?

 Hold tight to the fact that there is hope in seasons of suffering.

I found the following quote in something I was reading and I love it. “When you find yourself in a season of suffering hold tight to the fact that God can turn your sighing into song, He can turn your trials into testimony and your pain into praise. He can take a time of profound heartache and transform it into a time of great help.”

How do you respond to your season of suffering? Are you standing strong in the fact that God is an ever present, all sufficient, all mighty God?

Have you thought about the fact that you are never alone in a season of suffering. Others are watching how you handle the pain and suffering. Are you cursing the God you say you worship or are you singing songs of praise even while hurting, showing others that you do indeed trust your God, even in unbearable pain and fear.

When you hear the prison door slam behind you and you feel hopeless in your fear and pain, cast your eyes upon heaven. God will hear you and God will give your voice wings as you tap into His strength to sing songs of praise. He will give you the courage to turn your season of suffering into a ministry.

Are you preparing to answer their question…….what must I do to be saved?


…………..and so I ride

A Time for Everything, God will decide

o Everything There is a Season

Ecc. 3:1-8 is quite simply life summarized.
Ecc 3:5 took me awhile to connect with.
I spent an hour this morning researching this piece of scripture. Every Bible commentary, every devotional and everything I could find had a little different slant on the same verses.
Then God said, close the books, shut off your computer and open your Bible, let me tell you what are in these verses for you.

Yes Father.

This has been a great study for me and an amazing time with God. Ecc 3:5 has significant meaning to me at this particular season in my life. God has plopped me in a situation where I have ample time to study and pray over what it is He is wanting from me and where He needs me to go. I believe He is helping me to discover the beautiful and unique rhythm of my life.
I believe that God uses all the seasons of our lives to shape us into what He desires we be. I am going to take this verse a little out of order but this is what God is giving me this morning.
“A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.” At this time in my life and maybe yours also, God is helping me to see and act upon the things I need to embrace and to understand those things that I need to refrain from embracing.
He is giving me good and wholesome things in my life that are morally and ethically right. He is wrapping those things (and people) around me and giving me the opportunity to soak in the light.
He is giving me a complete feeling of thankfulness for this chance.
With that growth I am finding the strength and wisdom, with His guidance, to refrain from embracing those things that are not good for me and tend to bring me down. When those distracting and destructive thoughts come, I am finding the power to cast them far from me, with His guiding hand of course.
Hand in hand with those things is the fact that God is helping me to gather the stones of who He is, what He represents and what that means to me. The stones I am gathering are helping to build a solid foundation that no one can knock down. Stone by stone I am learning the attributes of God, I am learning just how much He loves me, I am learning to love and revere this most important relationship. The wonderful thing is the stones are only representations of what is being built inside me. I can now take those stones of knowledge, truth and light and cast them towards those who long to find that solid foundation that only God can offer.

I guess to summarize it can best be put this way. God gives us seasons, He will call us to gather in some seasons, where we will be active and productive. In some seasons he will call us to scatter that which we have gathered. He will call us to embrace the good things and He will give us the reserves to refrain from embracing those things which would tear us down. For some this might very well be a series of separate seasons, but for me He has combined this into the same glorious and wonderful season.
I think you Lord for the wisdom and joy I am finding in this season.

…………………….and so I ride