A Time For Everything

The seasons are changing, summer has transitioned into fall and soon fall will change to winter. Our lives mimic the seasons we endure on earth. We will have good seasons and we will have bad seasons.

However, even that is addressed in the Bible. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says that “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

When we like the season we are in, we are content and often look no further than the ground which we are standing on. When the season we are in is not what we anticipated or not a season we are comfortable in, we often spout the “why me, why now” philosophy.

Perhaps we have forgotten the phrase we often quote and is true for all times and all people…….except for us when we end up in a difficult season. That phrase is “God’s timing is not our own and God’s timing is perfect.

Our circumstances will change but by looking to God in the transition we can find quietness and confidence. If we follow His path of light and grace, we will find His way always leads to peace.

Every season is given by God for a particular purpose. Each season provides a unique opportunity to learn something more about God and to draw closer to Him. It offers us the chance to discover the role He plays in our lives.

Good, bad, joyous, heartbreaking, look at that particular season as a gift wrapped with lessons from God.

Go back now and look at how Ecclesiastes 3 describes God’s role in the timing of the seasonal flow. He says that God has made everything beautiful in its time, not just the good or the easy times.

In it’s season, everything is beautiful and has a purpose. Read that again. Let it soak in.

All seasons have beauty in their own way and have a purpose.

Perhaps we should pay closer attention to the season we find ourselves in. Unwrap it and find the gift that God promises it holds.

Regardless of what season we find ourselves in, realign our hearts to our Lord so we can gain strength and allow ourselves to be led through the natural changing rhythms of life.


……………and so I ride