Who Is God To You

Our lives are filled with many people. Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers etc. Each are known to us by their names whether it be the names their parents gave them or some other description that helps us know and remember who they are and how they fit into our lives.

Isn’t it amazing that God, our wonderful, personal God, fits so many roles in our lives. Depending on the season we are in, He can be our Deliverer, Prince of Peace, our comforter. He can be our refuse, our source of strength, our power, our conscience.

God is all things to us.

 Isn’t it wonderful to know that when we are feeling rejected, tattered and torn by the world that God, our Wonderful Counselor is always there. He has always existed and will always exist. God is our eternal source of strength.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that when we are feeling defeated and discouraged that God, our Mighty God has promised that with Him, all things are possible.

Isn’t it wonderful that when we feel alone and lonely that God, our Everlasting Father reminds us that we are not set aside, we are set apart. For to be set aside is to be rejected but to be set apart is to belong to the family of God.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that above all else and above all other names, God is simply the Great I Am.

Talk to God on a personal level, let Him reveal who He wants to be for you.


………………….and so I ride