God is faithful, this is a wonderful thought and one we should take great comfort in. However, in a sick and twisted way, Satan is faithful also. This is something we should remain in high alert against because Satan is faithful in his desire to seek ways to gain access to our lives and destroy what God has done.

Satan is a master at playing your trusted friend. The minute things go wrong he is right there. He is asking, “where is God now?” He has deserted you and left you to figure this out on your own. You can look for him but you will not find him. I told you, God won’t help you.

We must stand ready to fight Satan when he tries to infiltrate our lives because I can guarantee you, he will try.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. — 1 Peter 5:8

Be on guard, be watchful and attentive. Be the person who maintains the attitude that the enemy will never gain entry into your life. Be vigilant and committed to stand against Satan over and over. Be aware and working against sneak attacks.

Pay attention because Satan is sneaky and he is faithful to his cause. He will set friends and family against you. He will slander you and use deception to draw you to those things that will destroy you. He will use you, against you.

Don’t listen to the lies flowing forth from the tongue of Satan. He is at war with anyone that believes and loves God.

 Rest in the fact that we serve a redeeming God. Don’t fight Satan alone, it is impossible, rather set your eyes on God and don’t take them off. Be obedient to God, be diligent and aware that Satan will try to outwit you. The stronger your faith, the greater the battle he will wage. Satan might be faithful but God is more faithful to you and He loves you. That is the fact that makes all the difference in the world. Stop believing Satan, don’t stop believing God.

Be a freedom fighter.

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31–


…………..and so I ride

Hey Satan!


God wants me to have a peaceful spirit. You, Satan do not, you want to steal my joy. You Satan love to hijack my mind by diverting the knowledge I have of what God has given me.
Ephesians 6:23
Peace be to the brethren and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
You Satan, are defeated.

God wants me to enjoy my full cup of spiritual blessings. You Satan will puncture my cup in anyway you can, even the most unexpected and hurtful places. I WILL GUARD MY CUP FROM YOU satan. I will always remember that whatever it is that you are offering up Satan, and no matter the form, it is lies.
Ephesians 5:27, 28
Do not give the devil an opportunity. Let him who steals steal no longer.
You Satan, are defeated.

God wants me to be happy and gives me the capacity to do so. You Satan love to steal that and you want me to focus on everything that’s wrong in my life. I WILL GUARD MY HAPPINESS and always remember that all God has or ever will offer me is still right there. No one, not even you Satan have the right to steal it though you will try.

You Satan, are defeated.

God wants me to remember that I am His daughter and NO ONE can take that from me. You Satan love to get in situations and cast doubt and self loathing around. You unfailingly live to do that in ways that are the most hurtful . I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD LOVES ME FOR WHO I AM, NOT IN SPITE OF WHO I AM.
You Satan are defeated.

I will continue to shine this light that God has given me, no matter what. Others, not even you Satan can extinguish what God has ordained in me.
You Satan, are defeated.

I chose to focus on love and peace and goodness, those things are from God. I chose to get back to the business God has called me to do.
Psalm 46:1
Cease striving and know that I am God.
You Satan, are defeated!
………….and so I rideSatan.............

Self Loathing, the biggest lie yet

I hate myself when I open the checkbook and there is no money left even though I was paid only two days ago. I hate myself when I wake up in the morning with a hangover knowing full well that I had vowed it would never happen again. I hate who I see when I look in a full length mirror. I am overweight and I hate myself for letting it happen. I would like to take a sledge hammer to that mirror. You can fill in your blanks here because we all have things that we do that cause us to hate the very essence of who we believe we are.

1 Samuel 16:7 tells us The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

I think that it would do us some good to remember that God loves us for who we are not in spite of who we are. This is not a one shot deal, not something that is true when we are skinny and are eating right, when we haven’t spent money we shouldn’t have, when we didn’t overdo it at the party last night and when we are generally feeling giddy about ourselves and our life. This is who God is, He loves His children unconditionally at all times and in all circumstances.

Remember in Ephesians it says that He wants us to grasp just how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love for us is. He wants us to know that He loves us in a way that surpasses our knowledge.

Period, Bam, end of story.

So where does this self-loathing, come from?

I want you to read a definition of what self –loathing means and to help you (ok me) to understand just how big of a deal this is. Self-loathing is more than just feeling negative about yourself.  To loath is to experience a strong dislike or disgust – an intense aversion and of and for one’s self.

To loath your “Self” is to hate yourself.

Is this ringing some bells yet? Who do you think grabs any foothold that He can see in our lives and takes residence? If you said Satan, you are right. If you are looking in the mirror and hating what you see, realize what you are seeing reflected back at you is a person that God created and loves with so much passion that we cannot begin to understand. Do you have any right to hate what God so lovingly and painstakingly created?

Unfortunately self-hate is very popular in our society but it is also very, very destructive spiritually. You think Satan doesn’t want us to hate ourselves, you are wrong. You are God’s artwork and of course Satan is going to go after you with all he has got.

Your entire quality of life is downgraded and Satan’s kingdom is strengthened when you fail to love yourself and when you fail to appreciate the person God so lovingly created.

Now does God want us to  spend money recklessly, to drink or eat to a point called gluttony? No He certainly does not. There are many scriptures that tell us that. God wants us to develop skills (with His help) to control our habits and to live in a way that brings glory to Him.

But let’s take one step at a time and let’s start with learning to love ourselves as the children of God we are. I believe that only then can we bring the bad habits under control.

Start from a position of absolute knowledge that you are loved. Instead of looking in the mirror and being filled with shame, look at the person gazing back at you with the same love that God has for you. You will then be in a much stronger position to go forth and control those passions that make you do the very things that you vowed you would never do.

The road to a healthier lifestyle does not have to be a steep incline that is torture and bound to make you quit sooner rather than later. The road to a healthier life should start by looking in the mirror and saying “hello beautiful, let’s have a great God filled day, the rest will fall into place.

Christ made you a new creature and you are no longer in bondage to sin. CLAIM IT!


…………….and so I ride2673_1024x768

The ABC’s of Faith

The ABC’s of Faith
Always Give Thanks-
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18New International Version (NIV)
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
Life is………well life. Not every day can be wonderful and great. In fact some days can be downright tragic. It is those days we look around and ask ourselves, how in the world do I pull off this being thankful thing?
I don’t think that you have to be thankful that you got a diagnosis that shattered your life or that you are hit with financial hardship, that you wrecked your car or lost your job.
You can throw Satan a curve ball though,
You can stand in thankfulness while you are going through your situation. Thank your Father in Heaven and shout praises to Him in the middle of your crisis.
Be thankful to God in all things and through all things. Being thankful will bring you joy, peace and happiness. Being thankful will change your outcome.
Be thankful for those who show up in your life at just the right time.
Be thankful that even though your body hurts, sometimes to the point of distraction, you are still alive and there is plenty that is still right.
Be thankful the sun is shining, the moon is rising, and the rain is replenishing the earth. The grass is growing and the birds are singing. Have you stepped outside and just looked?

Be thankful that there are simple pleasures that make you feel joy, that make you happy and make your smile. What about the things that bring you comfort.
Be thankful that you have an inheritance through Christ.
Be thankful that your sins are forgiven.
Be thankful that you have been adopted as a child of God and you are unconditionally loved.
Real faith is exemplified by realizing that even though we have not received what we want from God, we have accepted what He has given. Often the good things that come out of a situation are not clearly seen, but we can rest assured that God is working to strengthen us inwardly and mold us into the image of Christ.
I found this quote and love it. “Where we cannot trace God’s hand, we can trust His heart.”
Be thankful for you are loved.
…………………and so I ride


Satan is real

Satan is real.
When we become Christians we tend to think that life is now going to be an uneventful road strewn with roses to smell and our life will be free and easy from here on. You generally don’t associate words like discouragement, pain, disappointment, warfare, destruction, with a life as a Christian.
However the truth is when you receive Christ you not only become a new creature, you gain an adversary, Satan. Make no mistake, the empire that Satan rules has a strategy and it is evil. This evil empire is mentioned in the Bible. 1 Peter 5:8 tells us to “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. “
Wow, that seems pretty clear and to the point. Satan does not care who he comes after, he just wants to prevent us from enjoying our freedom in Christ. He wants to prevent anyone who is threatening his territory and trying to advance the Kingdom of God. I think it is a pretty safe bet that if you have a calling from God to go forth and spread the good news, Satan is going to do whatever he can to prevent that from happening.
I don’t know about you, but that is kind of scary to me and definitely not what I signed on for. It reminds me of the one phrase I hear at work (and tends to upset me) I’m not paid enough to do that. As Christians it would seem that “it’s not our job” to fight Satan.
It makes me want to hunker down under my blanket in a corner somewhere and stay there. At times it gets bad enough that you feel like it might be simpler to shut down whatever ministry you have going or whatever heavenly work you are doing in the hopes that Satan will back off and the attacks will stop.
That is just what Satan wants you to do.
Just as the Bible tells us that Satan is walking around looking to devour us, we are given some pretty awesome and just as potent tools for fighting. Satan may be a roaring lion but we are given full armor to bring the beast under control.
“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.” (Ephesians 6:17-18)
No one said this journey would be easy and rest assured, at times, it won’t. But we can go on counter attack and declare God’s word and promises as our own, we can assert who we are in Christ and we can confidently proclaim our victory. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn.” (Isaiah 54:17)
When Satan comes as we surely know he will, rest in the closeness and the presence of our Lord God. These attacks won’t last forever, nothing here on earth does. Pick up your Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and pursue closeness to Jesus that will offer the only true refuge we need.
……………..and so I ride

Oh the Idols we serve!

In struggling with an issue that is constant in my life I found true wisdom this morning in a statement I read by Jessica Howell. She said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”  Now this can refer to a lot of things in our lives but for me, this morning it refers to a specific topic. I know this topic is something I am dealing with but it is certainly not specific to me.

You should see me this morning, I am sitting here with (and I am not kidding), 8 diet and exercise books on my lap trying to get some kind of motivation and control over this irrational control that food has over me and the never ending quest to find the right diet and exercise plan. You would think that with two magazines in my hands sporting gorgeous women in tiny shorts and more diet and exercise hints than humanly possible to read and six books explaining how to find God’s path, how to become myself, how to become mean and lean in 90 days, how to find the spark to lose weight and transform my life and how to become successful by thinking differently, well you would think I would be rich, thin and wise beyond words!

I think of the way the world in general looks at food. Virtually every single thing we celebrate we do it with food. No birthday goes by without birthday cake, holidays are marked by the feasts we prepare to celebrate them, and football would not be the game it is without tailgate parties. If we celebrate we do it with food, if we grieve we do it with food, heck, we can’t even go to the movies without the biggest, butteriest tub of popcorn money can buy.

Is it any wonder we glamorize food and our society is plagued by obesity and expanding waistlines when all we see is the glorification of that which has the potential to kill us?

Now to the personal part of this rant, I lost a great deal of weight a few years ago and was successful maintaining that loss by being conscientious of what I put in my mouth and taking the time and effort to get some exercise. It was good for my mind, good for my soul and good for my relationship with God. It was a good balance.

But then I lost focus of where true happiness comes from and slowly my health declined, my weight started inching back up and my relationship with Jesus was becoming more and more strained.

I kept having this vision of meeting Jesus with my mouth full of potato chips or Twinkies and it bothered me more than a little.

So I guess my point is taking our eyes and focus off Jesus and onto worldly matters is detrimental in ways that we might not think about. I know that the secret to weight loss and health won’t be found in any self-help books, I won’t find those answers there anymore than I will find the path to eternal life in any book except the Bible.

The secret to any trouble we are having lies in one place only, the truth of God’s word, the light of God’s love and the promise of God’s grace.

We really do make life more difficult for ourselves don’t we!



One Sided Relationship?

I know that the devil is prowling around out there and he can and will strike without warning. I’m a christian so I’m protected and I can sit back and enjoy life now because God has my back. Right? Then how come I keep having troubles and frustrations?

If I am thinking that way then it seems like I am having a one sided relationship with God and a relationship where I am expecting Him to do all the work while I reap all the benefits. I don’t think that is what God intended our life with Him to be like.

So I go over it in my mind again.

Point one is……

It is a certainty that Satan will sneak in and gain a foothold when he can and before I know it I am fighting old, familiar battles yet again. I am thinking to myself why does this keep happening?

The question is.

Why isn’t God doing His part?

Maybe the question should be…….

“how’s your heart Dottie? Have you really made God the final authority in your life, the ONLY authority in your life?

Are you living by faith or living by Dottie’s rules? Are you really responding to the love being cast upon you in the appropriate manner?

A life devoted to Christ cannot be a one sided affair, I have responsibilities in this relationship also. Maybe it’s time put a little more effort into my side of this relationship!


……….and so I rideImage