Ride hard but don’t forget to refresh and renew!

Those of us who have motorcycle ministries and even those who don’t, have had a busy summer. Although we may never know how many or how deeply we have touched lives, we have rode hard for God this season.
This past weekend we found a chance for refreshing and renewing of our spirits. It was a weekend of fellowship, good food, good riding and the quieting of our minds.
A period of renewal and refreshing is so important for doing the work of the Lord can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. This weekend we gathered with our Christian friends, we invited new friends that we were camped beside and offered the best fried fish to any one that happened by. We had biscuits and gravy and world famous blueberry pancakes together in the mornings. Mugs of hot tea went from campsite to campsite and I found a fellow chocolate milk lover. There was more than a little good (ok phenomenal) riding that brought childlike smiles and heart felt high fives!
It was a way to gather close to those we love and invite new friends into that circle. It was healthy, invigorating and spiritually renewing. Everyone was free to come and go as the Spirit led them. That was the beauty of this weekend, no schedules, no expectations and time to follow where God lead us each individually. There was no room for hard feelings as we all went in the direction that God directed.
If felt as if the edges of my world were slowly giving way to the dry and crusty desert and this weekend I saw that dry and dusty desert burst back into bloom.
It certainly looked different for each of us as we all took different directions to the same place. The one common denominator was that parched souls found the healing power of living water. It was beautiful, restful and peaceful.
I am pretty sure that the feeling of a successful weekend is with all of us. As God’s word refreshes and renews our minds our spirits become more in sync with that which God wants for us. Sometimes it is necessary to get completely away from “life” to find the things that are most important.
I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. Jeremiah 31:25 – NIV
………………………and so I ride