Road Maps, are you choosing the right one?

I wrote yesterday about the fact that in the life of a Christian, there will be trials. It is something to consider but don’t stop there. Don’t let that fact (scary as it may be) turn into a reason not to pursue the life Christ wants for you. In the Bible there are some pretty blunt scripture telling us that we can expect hardships, however, there are some scripture just as bold that tell us who will get us through those hardships.

Consider Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not rely on your own understanding.

If we would simply take these words at their face value we would save ourselves a whole bunch of heartache. In any given situation, there is usually your way (based on feelings, and more than a few emotions), and God’s way. The scripture goes on to tell us to think about God in ALL OUR WAYS, and He will guide us on the right path.
Left to our own devices we almost always travel a road that leads here and there, back and forth, round and round. Only when we have exhausted every single resource we possess do we start to listen to what God is telling us and let Him guide us back to the only path that will gain us eternity, His path.

In Isaiah 45, verse 2 to be exact, it says God will go before us and level out the uneven places. WHAT? We don’t have to be our own construction crew? We don’t have to continue packing the wrecking ball around? No, choose to take God at His word. Learn to trust, put your feelings and emotions aside, consider Him first and enjoy the journey on an even and level path, right to glory.

Did you know that no matter what is going on in your world, God is there holding your right hand. He is whispering (or shouting) Do Not Fear, I will help you. If you don’t believe me, check our Isaiah 41:3, it is there in black and while.

With the present state of affairs in our world and local communities, we need to hold to these messages more than ever. God was, is and always will be our constant traveling companion. Put away the GPS, the Rand McNally Atlas and log out of Trip Advisor. There is only one way we are getting to our eternal destination and that is to follow the only true travel guide available to us. Open your Bible and let God chart your course.

……………..and so I rideimage

Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart

Proverbs 3:5-6
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
This is a favorite verse of mine. Sometimes though, there is a gap between what we expect God to do and what He is actually doing. To trust God with your whole heart is easier than it sounds. Oh it is easy to trust God when things are ship shape but the minute the boat hits troubled water we start thinking that God is not paying attention and doesn’t care. Then the test of trust and faith is on us full force.
When I am having trouble hanging onto God’s promises it helps me to dig into those promises in a fashion that takes it from the page into my heart.

Verse 5: Trust in the Lord with all your heart. I find that interesting, there are few things in this world that we do with our whole heart, but we are told to trust God with all our heart, not part of it. I guess when it comes down to it, we either trust God or we don’t, He either has our whole heart or He doesn’t have any of it. Another interesting thing is God pushes us into situations where we have to make that choice. All or none, abandon yourself to God. Does that mean burn your bridges and rely on only His faithfulness. Quite possibly it does. Scary isn’t it? But when you burn the bridges you used to rely on and abandon yourself to only God. Live with the belief that God is in charge of your life, He will be faithful.

Lean not on your own understanding. To lean is to prop up or put your whole weight on something. I know that if left to my own devices I do not possess the wisdom to support the weight of the challenges, hardships and decisions in my life. When I take my situation to God in prayer and follow His leading I tap into His wisdom and power. There will be circumstances where the only thing you can conclude is God is unfaithful or indifferent and somehow lost your address. But remember that is only based on the facts as you know them. There is always a side that we can never fully understand. Life is filled with times that are full of “What if’s” Whether we think we understand the truth of the situation or not we are not to trust our understanding of the situation. We must trust that He knows what He is doing and He will see us through.

In all your ways acknowledge Him. I am pretty sure that when Solomon says to acknowledge God, he is not talking about the hour on Sunday mornings and where ever else we can“fit” Him in during the week. God isn’t interested in a quick wave as we pass by each other, He wants to be involved in every single area of our lives. Are the things that are important to you things that God would be proud of? It means seeking His will and not mine, it means living for Him and not myself……………even when I am following and not sure of where I am going, it is to trust the one leading me. To acknowledge Him in all ways is to acknowledge that He is in control, not me.

He will make your paths straight. I think I tend to say to God, Here is the path I have chosen, approve it and bless it please. However it is probably a safe bet to say that God blesses His chosen path then invites us to walk with Him there. That does require a strong measure of trust, a close prayer relationship and to choose to accept the unfailing grace that God pours on us.
Do you see how one step leads to another in these two verses? Trust, leads to leaning on God and not myself, leads to acknowledging Him in all I do, leads to walking the straight path to Glory.

……………………….and so I ridetrust-in-the-lord-proverbs-3-5-6