Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God
The research has been done, the decision has been made, now what?
I begin the process of letting go, or perhaps the correct term is, Let Go and Let God. It’s not like things are not going to go God’s way anyway, but to Let go and let God is to make things easier for me along the way. Maybe to” let go and let God” is God’s way of strengthening his bond with me?
To” let go and let God “requires participation from me despite what it sounds like. It requires surrender, total reliance on God, trusting God, being still while we let God fight our fights, and it requires obedience.
I rest in the fact that letting go and letting God is an act of humility and is actually the path to authentic freedom.
Letting go is to admit to my Father that I am not in control, He is.
Letting God is choosing to trust God to do what He says He will.
Romans 8:31 seems to fit this situation quite nicely. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”
Meditating on the phrase “Let Go and Let God” it seems that this should be more than a one-time quest, it should be a way of life.