Seeking, Finding, Accepting

My devotions started in one place this morning but ended up in quite another. Bear with me.We live in a world filled with people who say they are seeking God but yet scuff and bristle at words of instruction or advice. I am not picking on anyone in particular here but am betting that more than a few people fit the category. It is you, it is me, it is the world we live in.

 Lets make sure that we do not fall back on human nature as our excuse to live out what we know is wrong. It may be easy to say that “it is just who I am and how I am”, but the bottom line is we all make our own choices as to how we are and who we are.

I ran across Proverbs 14:6 and 18:1 today. They are started with the following phrases, “A scoffer seeks wisdom and finds none” and “ He who separates himself seeks his own desire” .

Could it be those who are seeking wisdom from God and not finding it are in themselves their biggest roadblock? Just asking, if it hit a nerve maybe that deserves a bit more prayer? If we are setting ourselves apart from God then we are certainly seeking that which pleases us and not God.

Those same verses end this way, “He quarrels against all sound wisdom”. It is the old I know what I want, I am going to get what I will argue against sound wisdom with every excuse in the book, no matter what stands in my way. The truth is offered and often glaring right in front of us, but so is evil.

However, scripture also says that knowledge comes easily to one who is in the presence of God. Understanding and knowledge will increase in a wise person who seeks knowledge in the presence of God. That is truth and what will get you the kind of knowledge that is profitable.

Oh but here comes the part that gets me every time. What if the knowledge I am seeking comes in the form of another human? You know that God sometimes sends those more experienced in Godly living than we are? Yes He does, is it comfortable, no it is not. Does it bring anger, at times, yes it does, that is simply human nature. But scripture says that a wise and understanding man WILL find the knowledge he seeks if he stays close to God.

It is when we step outside the presence of God and scurry back to our human (flesh) nature that we find ourselves being offended and even angry at words of truth being directed at us. Make no mistake, that instruction and wisdom that makes us uncomfortable can come from reading scripture that goes against our human nature, it can come from God pressing down on you (the voice over your shoulder) it can come from Godly counsel from a more mature Christian. We are human, our first instinct is to say how dare you…..blah, blah, blah.

Step back into the presence of God and see what He has to say, He does not mean to provoke anger, that comes directly from the foothold Satan has found to cling to. God gives us instruction so that we may live in harmony with Him. He gives us wisdom so that we may know and accept our inheritance and live in full blown color with Him.

Perhaps Ecclesiastes 1: 13 says it best…..and I set my mind to seek and explore by wisdom and concerning all that has been done under heaven. ……….

Or how about this one, Ecclesiastes 7:25, I directed my mind to know, to investigate and to seek wisdom and an explanation, and to know the evil of folly and the foolishness of madness. Notice the very first statement, “I set my mind and I directed my mind”, it seems that the ball is in our court!

Try it, see how it works for you.


…………….and so I ride

Godly Legacy

I can guarantee that this is not going and does not end up  where you think it is. God is funny that way, give Him the pen and He takes it where He needs it to go.

I have been struggling recently with several difficult things that are happening in my life. It would be easy to succumb to the oh poor me frame of mind, and in fact I was there for a while as I walked through the heartache and uncertainty. So I went searching for Biblical help.

I recently found a list of scripture that listed who we are and what we have in Christ. There were 101 scripture on this list. I know upon diligent study more can be found.

Did you know or more importantly, do you remember that you are justified, a citizen of heaven, forgiven, adopted, included, you are protected, you are not helpless, you are persevering and overcoming. You are set free, righteous and more than a conqueror. You are safe, you are chosen and you are given God’s peace. You are not alone and can stand strong in the day of evil. Are you getting what I am saying here? To be a child of God is to be given an elite and precious legacy.

This is not only a list of who you are in Christ; this is a list that includes all your brothers and sisters in Christ. Now we all know that not one of us is perfect, we have all sinned. It is also good to remember that no one sin is bigger than another, you are no better than your brother because you think he sinned worse than you. It doesn’t work that way. WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF SIN but luckily we are also ALL forgiven. Always, always remember that God loves us for who we are not in spite of who we are.  Not just you, not just me, but all who call on the name of the Lord.

There is so much wrong in this world. We are faced daily with sickness, death, jealousy, bad marriages, financial woes, division between friends, family, and churches, tragedy after tragedy.  As long as we are living in this world heart ache and heart break will be present.

Allow me to go on a bit of a rabbit trail here for a moment. I feel led to include here that when we are faced with difficulty, especially when it is of a delicate or intimately emotional matter, don’t bow to ways of the world. Don’t gossip, don’t add fuel to the fire by continuing to fight the battle on social media just to make sure you have the last word or just to make sure that everyone knows you are taking the high road. Once you have done things biblically, leave it there. Human nature being what it is, we are all guilty of fighting our battles at least once in awhile, in the worldly fashion, but by fighting them that way you get worldly results. Take your battle to God and let Him fight it for you.

As a child of God you have a crown to live up to and a kingdom to represent. Sometimes living as royalty means surrendering the fight to God. Find a list of just who we are as sons and daughters of God, study it one scripture at a time. It will give you a whole new perspective. It will give you a reason to go on.


…………..and so I ride