Are you willing to look at yourself in a different way?

How is your life defined? 
We take on lots of identities in our lives. When asked to define who you are, do you answer with any of the following? Your occupation, your hobbies, your family (son, daughter, brother, sister), your habits (smoker, gambler, drinker, emotional eater, etc), a disability, your political affiliation, your education, your race, your health, whether you are married or not, your religion, your friends, the area of the world you live in, your gender, your economic status. These are some of the 21 major categories that people use to define themselves. 
What exactly does define a person? Friends come and go and will judge you based on your actions, then they will define you as a good or bad friend. Interests and circumstances can change. You can lose a job or get a new job. If you are a Northerner, what happens when you move south? If you define yourself because you smoke, drink, overeat or gamble your wealth away, how do you define yourself when you are cured of those things? 
Society defines us by physical and mental attributes, actions, values, interests, attitude about life, our intentions, and what we believe in. 


I hate to burst your bubble but none of that stuff defines who you are. Above all else, we as Christians are first and foremost heirs in the family of God. We are His children, He loves us not as one of many on the crowded planet but as individually and uniquely as He created us. Compared to that, nothing else matters. 
However, we have to be willing to step away from how the world defines us and look at ourselves in a different way. 
Can you look at yourself and see that you are complete in Him? Do you see that your are holy and without blame? Can you feel the peace that surpasses all understanding? There is a spirit of wisdom and enlightenment within you now…….do you recognize it? You live as a child of the King and you are the workmanship of God’s personal hand. You are a believer and doer of the Word. You can find lots of lists of scripture about who you are in Christ, on the internet. It is a good study. 
Are you willing to see yourself for who you really are? NEVER MIND what the world thinks of you, God’s opinion is the only one that counts. Accept and agree with the things that God says about you. Your identity in Christ does not depend on something you do or have done. God alone says who you are. 

 Are you willing to look at yourself in a different way, to look at yourself as God looks at you? 

No one says it better than Jonathan Cahn, “Today open your mind, your heart, and your life to that which you don’t yet know, that you might contain that which is greater than yourself.” 

…………and so I ride