A Silly Story But Is It Your Story

A silly story, but is it your story?
A lawyer had to distribute what was left of an estate to a client’s beneficiary. It was a huge estate, over 100 million dollars were to go to the lucky man. The will stipulated that the lawyer was to try to deliver the remains of the estate for a period of 6 months only and if the man could not be contacted and connected within that time the estate would be forfeited and go to a local non profit charity. 

After going and knocking on the beneficiaries door three times a week for six months and being told to go away as he, the beneficiary was to busy to talk to him, the lawyer was forced to turn the estate over to the non profit. 

The beneficiary lost a vast fortune because he was to busy, afraid, stubborn, etc to answer the knock on his door. 

Yes it is a silly story with just a breath of truth, but is it your story? 

I am willing to bet that there are a lot of us who have heard God knocking on our door and have ignored or reasoned our way out of answering. Anything and everything in our lives take precedence over that small but insistent call on our heart. 

It is not that we are just busy, it is that we are afraid to step out of our nice comfortable box. 

It is knowing that answering that knock could well inconvenience us as we have never been inconvenienced before

It is knowing that we might be asked to pack up our nice comfortable and familiar life and move to surroundings that are totally unfamiliar and very uncomfortable. 

It is knowing that we may be called to leave something or somewhere that we are comfortable when we are A-Ok with where we are and have no desire to leave. 

The fact is that God will call us to leave something in order to make room for a new something that He has prepared for us. He may not give us a clear image of where He is taking us, He may simply say follow me. 
If we never answer the knocking on the door we could well miss out on the blessing of our life.
Before we can move to the greatness that God has prepared there may be an essential ending, if we are prepared for that and if we are trusting God, we simply say, ok. There is a time for departure, even if we don’t know to where the road leads. 
The way we look at it makes all the difference in the world. Take your eyes off the world and lift them heavenward. If we recognize that surrendering to an essential ending helps us to grasp the freedom and completeness that we can only get by following God, then we are wise, truly free and living in the grace and wisdom of God. 
When we tire of the game of tug of war and you are weary of holding onto the old for dear life simply lift one finger, then another, and before you know it, you will feel God taking that burden from you and you will find peace. 
It is quite possible we hear God telling us to move but we can’t seem to figure out where he wants us to move to. Well there is a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go. God will reveal the map to where you are going. He will show you, even if it is one small step at a time. 
Don’t ignore God knocking on your heart. It will probably come at the most inopportune and inconvenient time imaginable. There will be a thousand things that will seem much more important than answering God’s call and most will seem a lot less scary. But don’t lose your inheritance because you ignored the one who took the time to seek you out and knock for entrance. 


My Weakness/His Power/My Victory

We Already Own the Vehicle, turn it on and drive

Do you realize the power you have in Christ? We don’t really give this much thought do we?

“Look, have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions and on the full force of the enemy, and nothing will hurt you. Luke 10:19”

There are many scriptures that tell us about the power we have in Christ but I like this one, it is plain, simple and to the point.

How is it that we possess such power but still live as if we are powerless. We have been given the power to cast out those things which seek to destroy us yet we choose to live as if we are completely without control of our own lives. We as followers and believers in Christ are given a precious gift, don’t live like an orphaned child who has never received his inheritance.

We have been given the vehicle of power and authority but we refuse to turn the key and engage the engine. Start that powerful engine, activate the power and authority that you have title to.

A little road map.

Submit to God, not in one or two ways, in all ways. Do that and he will straighten the road He has given you to drive.

Tune out all the distractions, tune in only one station, the one that connects you directly to God.

When you wander off the road, grab the map (Bible), re-focus on the destination and drive. It really is about the consistent progress and not the perfection of the journey. I love Matthew 18:22, Jesus says He will tell us not seven times, but seventy seven. Think about that. Progress, not perfection. God loves you warts and all. Focus on what He has given you, THE POWER TO OVERCOME.

Seek, and activate that which you already own!


…………….and so I ride

We can be so shortsighted sometimes.

Mistakes Unsearchable

We are out there on our personal mission field telling everyone who will listen that our God does not make mistakes and if it is happening it is happening for a reason.

Until it happens to us.

Our lives can be laden with what appears to be hard luck that we just know was meant for someone else. You have said this, I have said this……Oh come on God, why me, there has to be some mistake because I don’t deserve this. It certainly can’t be my mistake? Right?

We might not deserve it and probably don’t understand it but you can bet if God brings it to your doorstep you need it. God absolutely does not make mistakes, but we do, in abundance and He certainly allows us to live in a world where mistakes are plentiful. Could it really be that we are to learn from our mistakes? What a concept. That would seem to be putting the tough mistakes to the best use.

Our response should always be when God speaks, we will respond in faith. We should be trying to hear, not simply listen.  We know deep down in our hearts that God, because He does not make mistakes has a special purpose for everything. Looking at it that way, mistakes can be God’s gift to us, we would not be the people we are capable of becoming without facing the consequences of our mistakes. Learning the hard way is sometimes the only way. If you look hard enough at the mistakes my bet would be that you will find the good that God is bringing from them. It is all about becoming perfected, not being perfect.

Seems a lot like redemption doesn’t it? God is so good at it.


……………………..and so I ride