Ever notice how tombstones have the date recorded like this 1947-2025?
When it is all said and done it seems our lives come down to what we did with the dash between the year we were born and the year we died.
If we are Christians our lives are usually divided into pre born again and post born again, but seriously………..how different are the two areas? Do we really live like we are children of the most High and heir to the one and only I AM?
There are certain things that we as Christians are to do that signify we are living the Christian life.
The Bible gives us answers to any situation we might find ourselves in, all we have to do it open it and read it. How often however, do we put it aside and say I’ll get to it later.
I often say that prayer is the most underrated and underused weapon we have. We have a direct line to talk with God, to thank Him, confess to him, to take our needs to Him. How often do you tell someone that you certainly will pray for them…………..and then don’t? How often do you feel the pull to pray about something……………and then don’t?
When we choose to follow Christ and have taken Him into our hearts we are given someone to teach us, guide us, and strengthen us. The Holy Spirit is our willing and ready companion, if we choose to let Him.
How often is it easier to do just about anything else on a Sunday than attend church? How often do we serve ourselves instead of others? Do you doubt and worry? When was the last time you shared the love of Christ with someone?
Oh it is so easy to slide through the dash years and barely let our Christianity show. We spend a lot of time pursuing the good life but do we expend the same energy pursuing the Godly life?
With that said.
I think that it is good to remember that living the Christian life isn’t difficult, it is impossible—without the power of the Holy Spirit. So in the long years of the dash in our lives, don’t give up, and don’t try to do things in your own strength. You don’t have enough strength to do it.
Remember you have the power and abundance of God right there to help you.
…………and so I ride