Going Home

DadHe is there in times of trouble and times of turmoil. There is lots of scripture to reinforce the fact that this indeed is true. In Deuteronomy it tells us that God Himself goes before us and will fight for us. Psalms showers us with an abundance of the comfort that God offers us. He is our stronghold, our light, and our salvation. He is our confidence and our unfailing love.
Well, I think that I got special training in pursuing the truth of these statements. It is a special kind of agony to watch a loved one wither and leave this earth. To need them here but to want them to go is a pain I wish on no one.
When the hospice nurses tell you to tell them that it is ok to go rest now, that they have your permission to leave and find the light, if you were like me, your first thought was………..no.
Then on second thought I found that an answer of “no” was more for my benefit and not for my Dad. Telling him it was ok to go meant that I had to come to grips with the enormity of what I was losing. But wait a minute, wait just one dog gone minute. Isn’t that discounting totally the enormity of what Dad was gaining?
My Dad is being taken home very, very soon, much to quickly for me. It is easy to get stuck in the sorrow and pain of living without him. I can’t stay in the sorrowful place, I am concentrating on the wrong thing. I can rest assured and celebrate the fact that he is indeed being taken home. The legacy he leaves us is priceless but the prize he is about to gain is irreplaceable, incomparable and precious.
So yes, I whispered those words in my Dad’s ear…………….”it’s ok to go rest now Dad. God is here with us and always will be, He will take care of us. Now you go rest my dear Father, God is waiting for you.”

Contentment continued……


The pursuit of happiness and contentment fuels much of what we do but it seems it is always just out if reach.

“When” we hit the lottery life will be good. “When” I fit in my skinny jeans I’ll be doing the happy dance. “When” I land that certain job I’ll be loving life!

So when I am thin, successful and filthy rich I will be happy, right?

Hate to burst your bubble but even if those things happened tomorrow I doubt the knowing sense of discontentment would evaporate. How come?

Well I read something today that made great sense and it’s fun to say! Could be I am tying my happy to the wrong things.

The object of this journey isn’t the things that make US look and feel good momentarily. Those things are gone in the blink of an eye.

The object of this journey is to
Let His thoughts be our thoughts
Let His ways be our ways
Let His truth be our truth
Let His light be our light
Let His joy be our joy

Then and only then can we find content.

I think I will tie my happy to Jesus!

…….and so I ride