This was given to me by a trusted and wise person. 

 What Surrender is Not.

• Resignation, that is simply giving into God’s power but not His love. Resignation is a loss of hope.

• Controlling people and circumstances

• Trying to change or control people in our lives

• Giving up and living in bondage

• Using the old, familiar coping mechanisms.

• Trying harder

• Controlling more

• Achieving with thought to nothing else

• Going after what is owed us

• Depending on myself and others for love, acceptance, worth and security

What surrender IS

• Grabbing the fullness of what God is offering

• Trusting God to do whatever He wants to do in and with our life, regardless of how it might look, always being aware of His love for us and others.

• Yielding to and trusting God’s Plan as he deals with the other people in our lives.

• Yielding to God’s love, wisdom and plan.

• Turning from personal coping mechanisms and trusting God is all decisions, relationships and myself

• Trusting God is who He says He is and who He says we are.

• Trusting

• Resting

• Receiving

• Forgiving others and releasing them from what we think they owe us.

• Living out who we are, taking each step as God directs and living out of who we are.

• Depending on God instead of myself and others for getting my needs met for love, acceptance, worth and security.

They Are Watching

Their eyes are on us. They are watching our every move.

There are two groups I can think of. One is those who are not believers and watching our every move so when we fail they can point fingers and use it against God and us. There are also those around us who are hungry for and need God. These people are watching how we act and often imitate what we do because they see us as “good Christians” and want what we have.

My question is what about when we have a bad day, what about when every single thing that can go wrong, does? Not every day here on this earth is paradise; in fact most days are not.

No pressure.

Sometimes (more often than not) my behavior reminds me of what Paul said in Romans. I don’t understand what I do and the things I know I should not be doing…………..I do anyway. There are times that the more I try to be good, the harder it seems and the less it happens.

The thing is living in the world we do, we are going to have tough times. As Christians we have to live by a different standard and very definitely a higher standard.

Without a doubt, it is hard.

When we meet a new acquaintance and they want to know where to go in our town and what to do, how do we answer? We tell them about the best restaurants, the stores that have the most fashionable clothes and good prices, the best fishing hole, an awesome shooting range, the coffee shop with the out of this world coffee, good contractors, dentists, doctors etc.  How often do we mention the church options and invite them to ours, the meaningful new bible study you attend, a family of Christian people who enjoy the same hobby (motorcyclists in my case J)

When we (Christians or not) find ourselves in a position where we vehemently disagree with our neighbors, coworkers, churchgoers, the person next to us in the checkout line, we become warriors of the most brazen sort. Maybe we should become warriors of the prayer sort.

When someone we do not like falls upon hard times, we think to ourselves, well, well, look who finally got what they deserve. Before getting too righteous we should be remembering that we got something precious we did not deserve, do our foes not deserve the same from us?

When we sense the Holy Spirit nudging us to call a friend, take a meal, send a card, share a prayer or stop the person walking by and give them a hug, but we don’t because time is short. You may have just missed the only chance that person has today for comfort and support. You certainly have missed a chance to show that Jesus Christ lives in you.

When we do what is right but not necessarily easy, others notice, a seed is planted and respect grows. When we do what is right maybe a heart is softened just enough to start seeking that which they see in us. When we do what is right God’s Kingdom grows and angels rejoice.


……………….and so I ride




Walk in Love- The Heart of the Christian Life


I would like you to consider four verses of scripture this morning.
1 Corinthians 13:13
1 John 4:7-19
Ephesians 5:1
Luke 10:27-28

Eph. 5: 1. “Be imitators of God, therefore as dearly loved children ……
Paul puts that pretty plain and to the point doesn’t he? “Be imitators of God…..”
Simply put, we are told to be Godlike in an ungodly world.
Not Gods, but Godlike, there is a difference.
To be Godlike is to reflect the only one true and holy God. We are to be strong………in Christ, we are to be happy but not in the way the world lusts after. We are to be wise and kind and have power, but once again, not as the world knows……..we have power in Christ. We love our neighbors as ourselves.
The rest of the verse says “therefore as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”
We reflect God and God is love.
The bottom line is LOVE is the very heart of the Christian life, we are to walk in love.
Love one another, just as God loves us. I think the world has a pretty skewed idea of what love is. Love does not exist to make us feel good. Yet I think that we all have sacrificed our ethical and moral principles in one way or another to gain that feeling. We have a million ways to justify our actions when we do things to others that lack even the smallest amount of love.
However, real love is more than a feeling, love is a choice and an action. Love is selfless.
A few ways God shows and has shown love:
• Creator
• Provider and sustainer
• Healer
• Counselor
• Comforter
• He guides, guards, directs us
Tough act to try to live up to isn’t it? Except we don’t have to do it alone. Tap into the one who gives us the resources to live how He desires us to.
You are after all a LOVED child of God. Each and every day God will provide you all you need, he will heal your mind, body and soul, He will guide, guard and direct you. Would God ever direct us to do something that He will not give us the support to do? NO! There is truth to the saying that “If He brings you to it, He will get you through it.
Go ahead, walk in love. You will be surprised the momentum you will gain.
…………………….and so I ride