Which came first the chicken or the egg?

I found this in a book I am reading. I just love it and think you will like it also so I am sharing.
The question we must pose.
The answer rests upon God’s Word
and what the evidence shows.

Evolution says it was the egg;
Pure chance brought us the bird.
The Bible says God made the bird,
In Genesis 1 of His Word

These views we know can’t both be true,
No matter what men say.
So we must lay out all the facts,
And let them point the way.

If we look closely at what’s found
In fossils, stars and cells,
They point out there’s a Master Mind
And He designed them well.

Of course mankind just laughs at this
They won’t admit it’s true.
They know that if there is a God
Accounts to Him are due.

As Christians here’s where we cannot fail
To know God’s world and Word.
Our reasons for belief in Him
By no means are absurd.

The Bible says to seek out truth
Foundations must be strong
So when men say they have the facts
We’ll know what’s right from wrong.

So when we’re asked to clarify
That eggs weren’t first and why,
We’ll know God’s script, then point to facts
And have a sound reply

If we can spur man to rethink
His views on evolution,
Perhaps he’ll see the facts show God
as the correct solution.
-A Closer Look at the Evidence-

We must strive to educate ourselves on the truth as told in God’s Word


…………………..and so I ride