Isaiah 41: 10-13

At no time in my life have I depended on this scripture more than the last couple of years. Isn’t it wonderful that although we are told to have courage and not fear it doesn’t really mean that we are to single-handedly conquer that which makes us afraid? Rather we can rest in the assurance and absolute certainty of knowing that God is near and that no matter what, He is there to help us through every difficulty.

Unfortunately anxieties, stress, panic and alarming situations are a part of life and have been for a very long time. That is what I love about the Bible. It connects the past with the present. Isaiah 41: 10-13 was written centuries ago, it was relevant then, it is relevant now.

The people of that time needed a reminder of God’s presence just as we do. Isn’t it wonderful that God tells us not to be afraid because He is with us and He will help us no matter what.  I don’t know about you but when I have God holding me as I cross uncharted waters I have need of little else. Take confidence in the fact that God is speaking directly to you when He says “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”


………………….and so I ride

Isaiah 411013

Am I ever going to learn?

I am not sure whether to say that “I learn something every day “or to say “am I ever going to learn?”
We go through life and it is more often than not chaotic, tumultuous, confusing and stressful. We tend to put our faith in our spouses, our friends, our jobs, our money, and any one of a thousand things that lend supposed support. All too often though, even when that support is well meaning (or not so much) it ends up causing more trouble or even confusing us even further.
The more we try the harder life seems to get.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans. Psalm 118:8

So then we try the next best thing. We go to church, listen to what we are supposed to do, go home and do it. We trust in ourselves to get the job done. As time goes on and things are not improving we pray and tell God that it just isn’t working. Show me why Lord.

Apart from Him we can do nothing. John 15:5

We get a little frustrated and a lot desperate and finally we decide that it may be time to turn the things that are causing us such trouble, over to God.
God desires that we trust Him above all others, He wants us to put our confidence and trust in only Him. Not some of the time, not most of the time, not when we feel it is something we can’t handle.
God wants us to lean on Him ALL THE TIME.
I realize that life being what it is makes that darn hard. We have been hurt, cheated, manipulated, lied to, and abused. This makes it hard to trust anyone and makes it tempting to fall into the “If I want something done right I have to do it myself” frame of mind. But I believe that to trust yourself that much is to NOT give God the trust He desires.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths Proverbs 3:5,6

There really isn’t a big secret to trusting God. You make the choice, you are either going to trust God or you are going to continue to live in constant chaos and heartache.
Decide that you will take the steps necessary to hear from God and live the life He offers. The Bible gives us wisdom and the ability to start to think the way our Lord thinks. As you read His word you will gain confidence in God and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is near and waiting to help.
It is time to start living as He is leading us to and not by the way WE feel, think or desire.
It is time to trust Him to help us do what He is asking but when we are finished doing that to say, God I am trusting you to finish this.
…………………………….and so I ride11667502_10206102875364848_3660870545542513403_n

We are more than the sum of the trouble we are going through.


I think that a lot of the times we tend to define ourselves according to our troubles.

We are victims, we are picked on, we are divorced, widowed, addicts, unemployed and unworthy,  you get the picture. We look at ourselves as if who we are is measured by what we are going through.

If we are living on this earth, we are going to have trials and tribulations.  If we look at ourselves solely as the sum of our troubles is it any wonder that everyone else soon does the same? As long as we are defining ourselves in terms of our troubles we will never be free from them.

There is one big thing that we tend to forget I think.

No matter what we are going through we are still God’s child. No matter how stormy the weather or how choppy the seas, we still have our destiny. God’s presence does not depend on whether we are living in pleasant or turbulent times.

So yes we might be living through any amount of trouble but we must never forget we are so much more than all that.

We are also healed, loved, raised up, redeemed, His workmanship, justified, worthy, purchased by the blood of the Lamb. We are clothed with the righteousness of Jesus.

Endure, stay in the fight for our Life coach is always with us.

He is with us no matter the circumstances, “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go” Genesis 28:15

We already possess all we could ever need. No matter what Satan has laid down for us, no matter the storm that is raging around us. We still have our destiny. God prepared it, Jesus assured we would receive it.

If we endure, we shall also reign with Him. (2 Tim. 2:12)


…………………………………and so I ride


We all know that we are going to experience the troubles of the world whether we are saved or not. Like it or not, difficult times are inevitable . The Bible indicates that is the truth and when those times come we are to give our trouble to Him and let Him take care of them and sustain us. (Psalm 55:22 and 1 Peter 5:7)

But what about those “troubles” that are particularly harsh and where the wounds and consequences run deep? What about those times when all you want to do is to seek revenge and retribution? If we are honest with ourselves sometimes there is no better feeling when you have been wounded deeply than to see that person receive justice. The problem is most times it is our style of justice and not Gods.

Perhaps it might serve us well to ask God to help us resolve those feelings of wanting to seek our own type of revenge. I have been known to say that the only job I wanted at the moment was the job of driving the Karma bus.

Somehow I don’t think that we are to cast our cares on the Lord at the same time we are obtaining our Karma bus driver’s license.

If we are seeking revenge any way we can get it are we really any better than those who have wreaked havoc in our lives? There is a huge difference in letting the court system work in the way it is supposed to or using company procedures to right a wrong than seeking revenge the way our hearts tell us to at times.

If we have settled the matter in our hearts by talking it through with our Father and we truly “cast” our cares on Him He well care for us. He won’t let us fall. He is ready and willing to be the strength that supports us.

So often our minds will lead us in a thousand wrong directions and we will let our emotions guide our actions. That is almost never a good thing. God will provide emotional support, He will strengthen us spiritually and He is just waiting for us to give Him that which is overwhelming and threatening us.

So instead of fixating on those feelings of revenge and retribution it might be a good time to start practicing “rejoicing” in our problems. Romans 5:3-4.  If we do that we are promised it will produce perseverance, character, and hope.

We tend to forget that no matter what, no matter the problem……………God is bigger.

Hold to that truth.


……………….and so I rideRom5.3-4-Lock

Why me God?

Why me? God…………where did you get the idea my shoulders are SO big? Days turn into weeks that turn into months that turn into the roughest year you have ever lived through. We love to whine, we love to dig into our misery and we are pretty good at letting a moment of discontent become a way of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that at times life can absolutely reek. There are days you wonder if you can do this one more minute.

It is a wonderful thing when we can step back and realize that a satisfying, rich and fulfilling life is really nothing like our society defines it. Who do you know that is rich and miserable, smart, popular and good looking and still feels empty and alone? Many roads to satisfaction are full of detours as we try to find understanding of what true happiness really is.

Somehow we get the notion that true happiness is only possible if all areas of our lives line up with some pre-conceived notion that society has told us is the correct formula. So we go back to the list of our lives, maybe if we look at it again we will find the feeling of contentment that eludes us. We check off money, career, family, friends, no conflicts, no anxiety………….until we get to the bottom of our list and although on paper it appears we have it all, we are still searching for something to fill that void inside us.

Your road will continue to be marked with detours and your list will be never ending until we realize that we are trying to define a truly happy life apart from God, there is no such thing. Oh sure you can be happy without God, for a while. Happiness will continue to play hide and seek with us when the definition we use is actually scripted by the devil.

Finding true happiness involves looking in the right places, or maybe it just means opening our eyes to see what has been in front of us the whole time.

There is a reason there have been more songs written about him than any other, more books written about him than any other. There is a reason that life apart from God is no life at all. Our God, He really is an Awesome God.


…………….and so I ride