Into The Deep

Luke 5:4 “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”

Peter had been fishing all night and didn’t catch any fish. Yet when Jesus climbed into Peter’s boat and asked Him to “Put out into deep water” he did so because it was Jesus who asked.

His obedience was rewarded with so many fish that their nets were bursting.

The thing I am thinking about this morning is the part of the scripture that says “put out into deep water.”

We all seek the fulfillment, freedom and blessings that God offers us, yet we don’t venture into the deep water. It’s a scary place.

 Most times it is hard to get off our beach towel let alone venture into the water.


I think it is safe to say that we won’t find true fulfillment, freedom and blessings from God in the shallow end of the pool. You know the end that we prefer to stay in. The things we seek and long for from God aren’t found in the shallow water.

We cling to the safety of the shore, we dwell in the familiar and comfortable. We hold fast to that which we have always known, the old ways and old life. It feels safe and comfortable.

If we never venture to the deep waters of God, the shallow of God is all we will ever become acquainted with.

We believe, but we believe only in the shallow end of the pool of faith. We splash about in the shallows with our prayer life and our Bible reading. We may feel we are called to dive into the deep end of the pool but somehow never dig up the courage to dive in. The same can be said of experiencing the amazing love God has for us. We might wrap it around us as a warm cloak but we don’t let it sink into the very depth of our heart.

We have to leave the shallow end of the pool if we want to experience all that God has for us. Heck, we need to do more than wade gingerly into knee deep water, we need to launch our boats “into the deep” waters of faith, hope and love. Steer your course from your heart to His heart.

That is where you will find the blessings that God has promised you, in the deep.


…………and so I ride