The End of the Conversation

The end of the conversation went like this. “God bless you”, which was answered by “He already did!” Both parties then went on their way and if I had to bet I would say that neither gave a second thought to how the phrase “He already did” was so abundantly true.
By not acknowledging our blessings every single day we might as well be saying ‘just where and when did He bless me, I am not seeing it”
Ouch, that must hurt God when it is so perfectly obvious that we are so very blessed. We like to keep God in the box we have fashioned for Him as it pertains to our lives. We love to tell others, God has got this, let Him do it, while we are stuffing Him back into the box we have given Him in our lives. With God securely in His box it is easy to miss the everyday blessings.
We can continue to ignore the blessings heaped on us but I wonder just what we are missing out on when we refuse to let God into what constitutes the whole of our lives.
Look around you, blessings abound, no matter your circumstances, God is there. Are you missing the blessings? Are you walking right by the blessing because it is not conventional or it does not look the way you thought it would look?
Are you missing the blessing because you have preconceived ideas of what your life should look like and how it should progress? We must remember that God uses unorthodox methods to bring about extraordinary results.
Oh, He can follow the status quo but as often as not, He does not. God is wonderfully unorthodox and will use whatever means He needs to bring you into line with Him.
Look around you and allow the sense of wonder that only God can generate to permeate you. Let God out of His box because to be narrow or single minded could very well mean that you will miss the best of God.
Open the lid, let God know that you are on board when He works in your life, when He works in His time, with the people He chooses and in His way. Open that box and watch the light penetrate the darkness, watch the light change your world.
God is blessing you, God is answering our prayers, it just may not be in the way we expected, however that does not mean He is not doing it. God will get you exactly where you are supposed to be. You can count on it, I promise.
………………..and so I ride

Characteristics of God

Who is God?
I read something on Facebook that gave me food for thought. I read something to the effect of “Don’t just tell them what God can do for them, tell them who God is”.
Wow, that certainly is something to think about. How often do we tell others of the wonderful things that God can and will do for them but fail to tell them who God is? Think about it………… why would you turn your life over to a God you didn’t know?
Another reason that this is beneficial to me is when times are tough we tend to forget just who God is and what He is capable of.
I want to find out more about who God is!
I started at the beginning Genesis 1:1. I find it interesting that the Bible doesn’t attempt to prove that God exists, it assumes His existence from the start. The very first statement in the Bible says “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.
• Isaiah 55:8-9- God does not think like us. Ours is not the last word on right or wrong, so don’t rely on our own understanding, rely on God.
• Romans 11:33-36, Proverbs 3: 19, 20– God is wisdom. God governs His creation with justice, love and power. We strive to gain wisdom in all we do, getting college education, work experience, life experience, not that any of that is bad…..but the wisdom we should be seeking with the same fervor is God’s wisdom.
• Psalm 50:21 lets us know that God is not like us.
• Psalm 90:4- God is not limited by time. Our world is a physical world with physical limitations. God dwells in the spiritual realm and is not limited by the same things we are. Time is irrelevant to God, He transcends Timex!
• 1 Corinthians 1:25- God is not dumb or weak…..”for the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.
• Psalm 145:18 – God is near and we can go to Him in truth. God wants us to talk to Him and He wants to be involved in all that we are and all that we do. He wants to know us and be known intimately. Sometimes I think we tend to want God to know us intimately so He can help us but we don’t make the same effort to get to know him intimately.
• Psalm 147:5- God is mighty in power, and His Unchanging Omniscient understanding has no limits. Think about this. God’s power, He spoke creation into existence, He fixes things for us on a prayer request if it is His will. I believe that He wants us to know of His power and to rely on it.
Just a few other characteristics of God. Keep in mind this list is by no means inclusive. No list could every contain the character of God.
Infinite- Romans 11:33
Omnipotent- Jeremiah32:17,18,26,27
Good- Psalm 119:65-72
Love- 1 John 4: 7-10
Unchanging- Psalm 102:25-28
Just- Psalm 75:1-7
Holy- Revelation 4:8-11
Omniscient- Psalm 139:1-6
Merciful- Deuteronomy 4:29-31
Sovereign- 1 Chronicles: 29:11-13
Faithful- Psalm 89:1-8
Full of Grace- Ephesians 1: 5-8
Comforter- 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4

I do not know one other person with such an impressive list. I believe I shall follow God.

……………………and so I rideThe_Urantia_Book_Word_Cloud_003_375

A time for everything- Letting Go

A time for everything- Letting Go
Part Three
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 gives us a disciplined melody of what will be in our life. Those scripture make it perfectly clear that there is a time for everything we go through and that time is directed and chosen by God.
We all have times when we recognize that God is calling us to a necessary ending so that we may seize something new. When God gives those sometimes difficult directions we can say, Ok God, I am in, I know you are leading this expedition and I trust you therefore I am on board, let’s go. Or as happens often we can say, sorry God, this is not my idea, I will ride this one out, catch me next time round.
It is important to remember that sometimes we must let go and move on from those familiar things which we cling to so tightly, to embrace all that God has for us.
Oftentimes the things we hold onto so hard are not God’s best for us but we don’t see that. It is only by making the choice to let those things go that we can inherit the new beginning that God has for us. It is true that there is a time to depart even when you cannot clearly see the next step. No one said it would be easy.
That is tough to accept when what you have lost is your dream or when what you have lost has become more important to you than the one who made it possible in the first place.
Put another way, when things are not going our way we love to grab hold of the wheel of our life and not let go, thinking we can steer ourselves into calmer waters, in effect telling God we don’t trust Him.
The journey of faith calls us to trust God no matter what season of our life we are facing. If we obey and trust God He will lead us where we need to be. The great thing is we can be assured that He will be waiting for us when we arrive.
…………………..and so I ride


Knowing God is better than knowing the answers

To everything there is a season
Part Two
Think about the season you are experiencing. Have you dug deeper than the surface, have you tried to discover what God is revealing about Himself to you? Although we rarely get to choose the seasons of our lives, we can chose how to navigate those seasons.
Think about Job. His possessions, loved ones and health was taken from him. There is something to be learned in this for us.
Foundations. Can we say that if our lives were stripped bare as Job’s was, that God would be enough? Do we trust God, truly trust God only because we are living the life we want? When our faith is tested we will have (just as Job did) friends and family coming out of the woodwork saying “where is your God now?” “Why do you trust a God who would do this to you?”
I must admit that I can’t speak for God, when those kinds of questions arise I have to fall back on my belief that God is in control, that God lead me into the storm and He will lead me out. I cannot answer why things happen as they do, only God can do that.
I simply have to trust God no matter what happens. I have to accept that there will be bad right along with the good. It helps me to see more clearly who God really is, and to understand for once and for all that God is enough for me, whether it is within blessings or suffering.
Please know that if you are in a season of testing, that eventually all storms run out of rain and even more important is the fact that a tough season can result in a bumper crop. The promise of a deeper relationship with God and a clearer understanding of the character of God is a bountiful harvest. It is a harvest we can put in the bank!

…………………………and so I ride

Am I ever going to learn?

I am not sure whether to say that “I learn something every day “or to say “am I ever going to learn?”
We go through life and it is more often than not chaotic, tumultuous, confusing and stressful. We tend to put our faith in our spouses, our friends, our jobs, our money, and any one of a thousand things that lend supposed support. All too often though, even when that support is well meaning (or not so much) it ends up causing more trouble or even confusing us even further.
The more we try the harder life seems to get.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans. Psalm 118:8

So then we try the next best thing. We go to church, listen to what we are supposed to do, go home and do it. We trust in ourselves to get the job done. As time goes on and things are not improving we pray and tell God that it just isn’t working. Show me why Lord.

Apart from Him we can do nothing. John 15:5

We get a little frustrated and a lot desperate and finally we decide that it may be time to turn the things that are causing us such trouble, over to God.
God desires that we trust Him above all others, He wants us to put our confidence and trust in only Him. Not some of the time, not most of the time, not when we feel it is something we can’t handle.
God wants us to lean on Him ALL THE TIME.
I realize that life being what it is makes that darn hard. We have been hurt, cheated, manipulated, lied to, and abused. This makes it hard to trust anyone and makes it tempting to fall into the “If I want something done right I have to do it myself” frame of mind. But I believe that to trust yourself that much is to NOT give God the trust He desires.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths Proverbs 3:5,6

There really isn’t a big secret to trusting God. You make the choice, you are either going to trust God or you are going to continue to live in constant chaos and heartache.
Decide that you will take the steps necessary to hear from God and live the life He offers. The Bible gives us wisdom and the ability to start to think the way our Lord thinks. As you read His word you will gain confidence in God and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is near and waiting to help.
It is time to start living as He is leading us to and not by the way WE feel, think or desire.
It is time to trust Him to help us do what He is asking but when we are finished doing that to say, God I am trusting you to finish this.
…………………………….and so I ride11667502_10206102875364848_3660870545542513403_n

We are more than the sum of the trouble we are going through.


I think that a lot of the times we tend to define ourselves according to our troubles.

We are victims, we are picked on, we are divorced, widowed, addicts, unemployed and unworthy,  you get the picture. We look at ourselves as if who we are is measured by what we are going through.

If we are living on this earth, we are going to have trials and tribulations.  If we look at ourselves solely as the sum of our troubles is it any wonder that everyone else soon does the same? As long as we are defining ourselves in terms of our troubles we will never be free from them.

There is one big thing that we tend to forget I think.

No matter what we are going through we are still God’s child. No matter how stormy the weather or how choppy the seas, we still have our destiny. God’s presence does not depend on whether we are living in pleasant or turbulent times.

So yes we might be living through any amount of trouble but we must never forget we are so much more than all that.

We are also healed, loved, raised up, redeemed, His workmanship, justified, worthy, purchased by the blood of the Lamb. We are clothed with the righteousness of Jesus.

Endure, stay in the fight for our Life coach is always with us.

He is with us no matter the circumstances, “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go” Genesis 28:15

We already possess all we could ever need. No matter what Satan has laid down for us, no matter the storm that is raging around us. We still have our destiny. God prepared it, Jesus assured we would receive it.

If we endure, we shall also reign with Him. (2 Tim. 2:12)


…………………………………and so I ride

Vanishing Truth

Vanishing Truths
We have all seen it many times.
I’ll give you an example. I sit in an interview and the person across from me swears to me that children are all they have ever wanted to do, it is their life’s dream and they would do anything to have this job.
Then the winds change a little bit.
You pick the scenario, the boss tells them to change the way they do something, or they are disciplined, or maybe it ends in dismissal from the job.
Quick and fiery tempers rage.
Suddenly you find yourself warding off vicious gossip, vindictive actions and more than a little bit of hate and discontent.
It is sad to watch a person wage war against the very organization that they swore was their dream job and calling not too long ago.
Or even worse, they post vicious attacks on Facebook and of course the final slap in the face, they block you totally. Ok I’m being sarcastic about Facebook but you get the point. We have all acted this way at one time or another.
I think that God must see that more often than we do. God is a good companion as long as things are going our way and life is free and easy. Let the going get tough however and threats and grumbling are free flowing from our lips as our tempers flare.
Instead of swearing on God we end up swearing at God.
The thing is, God’s truth didn’t vanish, our version of the truth did. It is pretty easy to be deceived by Satan and there is no better opportunity for Satan to gain a foothold than things aren’t going our way.
It seems pretty unfair that the God we love, worship and walk hand in hand with every day would let the storms of life fall on us like they do. How could God let ones as righteous as we are suffer so much?
We stand and watch as our world is falling apart and we are powerless to stop it. Sometimes we feel the only control we have is lashing out and all too often God is at the receiving end of our verbal tantrum.
When someone has hurt or offended us we feel justified in losing our tempers. The question isn’t so much Why and much as Why ME God?
This kind of anger is never justified as it is selfish and the whole object is to hurt someone in the same fashion we have perceived they hurt us
We turn to complaints and criticism instead of prayers and praise. That’s pretty bold and brazen don’t you think? You start in the dark and alone, the darkness and loneliness are probably going to be your only companions until your attitude changes!
It is not our job to punish those who offend us, read Ephesians 4:31, let all bitterness, indignation and wrath be banished from you.
Have faith dear friends, God didn’t bring us here to leave us hanging. God created everything, this situation included, we aren’t in charge, never have been, never will be. We can blame God, complain, and get mad over what is happening. It probably isn’t going to change a thing.
Instead of foolishly splashing our temper tantrums all over the place we can trust that God knows what He is doing and simply give Him our hurt, pain and bitterness. Stop being unwilling to trust God with situations that hurt.
He can and he will give us peace, comfort and strength. His plan is perfect and has been for a very long time.
…………………..and so I ride

Ephesians 431