A Message of Hope

Our community has been devastated by the failure of our local coal and gas fields. Last week almost 500 families were told not to report back to work. People are in shock. Please know that there is  A Message of Hope even in this.

Some thoughts taken from the message this morning at church. Thank you Pastor Dan for giving me inspiration.

When life has taken a turn that we were not expecting, the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, a bad diagnosis, those are the times when we feel the fight fading from our grip and the despair setting in.

We have all been there and it is not fun. We used to think that pesky auto correct was the biggest of our problems or a late winter snow storm when spring was supposed to have sprung and we are forced to endure another week of crappy weather. Suddenly, when the world we know collapses and our lives no longer feel like our own and we no longer recognize the path we are walking. Those are the times we are told to fight the good fight.

Pastor Dan drove home that in 1 Timothy 6:12 we are to “Fight the good fight”. In all circumstances we need to understand that the biggest fight we wage in turbulent times is the fight to keep our faith. We are not always victorious in this life, jobs come and go, loved ones die, we are struck with health disasters, life will do what it does best, throw stones into our calm pond.  However, we must always remember that we have one person we can put our faith, trust and hope in. God is our personal, eternal and infinite being that we can rely on. He is as real as you and I and is standing next to us willing us forward.

In life you may not always get what you want, there will be hard times, there will be times that you know without doubt you cannot go one step further alone. Do not lose sight of the fact that even through extraordinary hardship God is still in control. He will not fail you in this circumstance. It is your job to make sure that you hold onto His promises and do not lose sight of who God is.

We all start the Christina life well; we are buoyed by the newness of our faith in God. We tend to forget however that the Christian life is not a fifty yard dash; it is a lifelong marathon that we must run through all the phases of life. We enjoy the refreshing start but we must strive to finish well also.

Fight to preserve your faith and know that God will deliver; you know it deep inside and accept it as truth. Lean on your trust in who God is. Lean on His faithfulness, His goodness and his never changing character. Although our lives do and will change, God never will. Fight to hold onto the truth of Sod’s character. Although your life has changed, remember that God has not. You must CHOOSE to believe that God is going to carry you through this. Fight for your faith as if your life depends on it! It is comforting to know that where the world fails us, God will not.


…………….and so I ride