This was given to me by a trusted and wise person. 

 What Surrender is Not.

• Resignation, that is simply giving into God’s power but not His love. Resignation is a loss of hope.

• Controlling people and circumstances

• Trying to change or control people in our lives

• Giving up and living in bondage

• Using the old, familiar coping mechanisms.

• Trying harder

• Controlling more

• Achieving with thought to nothing else

• Going after what is owed us

• Depending on myself and others for love, acceptance, worth and security

What surrender IS

• Grabbing the fullness of what God is offering

• Trusting God to do whatever He wants to do in and with our life, regardless of how it might look, always being aware of His love for us and others.

• Yielding to and trusting God’s Plan as he deals with the other people in our lives.

• Yielding to God’s love, wisdom and plan.

• Turning from personal coping mechanisms and trusting God is all decisions, relationships and myself

• Trusting God is who He says He is and who He says we are.

• Trusting

• Resting

• Receiving

• Forgiving others and releasing them from what we think they owe us.

• Living out who we are, taking each step as God directs and living out of who we are.

• Depending on God instead of myself and others for getting my needs met for love, acceptance, worth and security.

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