The Greatest Of Change Begins With The Smallest Of Steps

The Greatest Of Change Begins With The Smallest of Steps
Sometimes the tiniest of steps can begin the journey to the greatest of change.
 We are called to the new and to change, but by our very nature we resist and avoid it, sometimes quite adamantly. Walking from the known, even if the known is not good, to the unknown or a different situation, is hard and scary business. 
How do you do it? 
You start by taking the smallest of steps into the greatest of changes. By taking that one tiny step you won’t yet realize the great victory but you will be one step closer and you will have started the journey. 
Change doesn’t take giant leaps, it all starts with a single tiny step. 
You take the one tiny step, you gain courage to get you to the next step. Before you know it you are another and another step closer to the great victory. 
You begin the greatest of change with the tiniest of steps. 
So today, take the smallest of actions, but in a new direction. It is the first step towards the life of victory that you are called to live. 
“ Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” Job 8:7

…………..and so I ride


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