A Leaky Faucet

How many times are you told you have a problem, given vague and general information on how to fix the problem but no specific instructions on how to implement the fix? 
It is so frustrating! 
It is like someone telling you to get the leaky sink fixed by tomorrow but they offer no instructions to do it. It is expected that you will know exactly what to do with the gushing water when in fact you have no idea. But by golly the gushing water had better be fixed by the next time they visit because it is getting them wet. 

It is aggravating and more than a little discouraging. 
The same thing happens to us as Christians more than we like to admit. We are struggling with a problem and someone comes along and says……”well you just need to give it to God.” 

And the conversation ends there as the well meaning person smugly walks away feeling they have done their part when in all actuality it feels much like the leaky faucet scenario mentioned above, there is water spraying everywhere and you don’t know what to plug first. 

I remember thinking to myself, yes, that is a good idea, I really should turn it over to God, however, I have no idea how to do that. In fact when I think about it, it actually sounds like a bad idea. So I am supposed to put all reasoning aside and do nothing of my own free will? I am supposed to sit in my recliner and wait until…………..what………wait until……….when? 

Will I get detailed instructions from God, will He send me an instructional letter in the mail or a package by FedEx with a road map? 
When someone throws an abstract idea like “turn it over to God” at you it can feel like Christian rhetoric at it’s finest. Meaning it is often used as a way to sound impressive and knowledgeable but is lacking in sincerity or meaningful content. While that may not be what the deliverer intended that is certainly how it sounded. It is useless information and often makes the recipient feel downright dumb when they cannot figure out how in the world to get their problem from their hands to God’s hands. 
Turning it over to God is a beautiful idea and should be comforting if only we knew exactly what it meant. However, I can remember praying many times, Lord, take this burden from me, I don’t want it anymore and can’t deal with it. Then I waited and there was no change. I felt exactly the same, I didn’t feel the Lord sustaining me and the burden was still there. 
I think the concept of turning it over to God is largely going to be personally geared but every person will have common components of what it means and how it works. 

We have to start this turning over process somewhere. Where it will lead you only God knows but the first step in the most important. It is the step that leads you in God’s direction. 
This is my starting place every time I need to “turn something over to God”. 

1. Pray for direction

2. Remember who you are in Christ. Concentrate on the fact that you are God’s beloved child. Concentrate on the fact that you have inherited the mother lode of all inheritances. Concentrate of the fact that God loves you with a love that is endless and knows no boundaries. God’s love is the only love in your life that is truly unconditional. If you can only concentrate on one thing right now, concentrate on this. For this moment, it will be enough and then, when the time is right, the rest will come.  

3. Make your ultimate goal the right one. If getting the problem fixed is your ultimate goal, you have your priorities screwed up. Your ultimate goal is to grow closer to God while loving and serving Him. If you are spending more time on your problem than on God, you may need to rethink your priorities.

4. Know with absolute certainty that you don’t have to fight this battle alone. He loves you with Agape love and He will fight for you even when you cannot feel it. He will fight for you as long as you are clinging to who you are in Him. 

If you concentrate on these four things I can guarantee you that the rest will come. God promises provision and He will provide it. 

……………and so I ride


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