We Already Own the Vehicle, turn it on and drive

Do you realize the power you have in Christ? We don’t really give this much thought do we?

“Look, have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions and on the full force of the enemy, and nothing will hurt you. Luke 10:19”

There are many scriptures that tell us about the power we have in Christ but I like this one, it is plain, simple and to the point.

How is it that we possess such power but still live as if we are powerless. We have been given the power to cast out those things which seek to destroy us yet we choose to live as if we are completely without control of our own lives. We as followers and believers in Christ are given a precious gift, don’t live like an orphaned child who has never received his inheritance.

We have been given the vehicle of power and authority but we refuse to turn the key and engage the engine. Start that powerful engine, activate the power and authority that you have title to.

A little road map.

Submit to God, not in one or two ways, in all ways. Do that and he will straighten the road He has given you to drive.

Tune out all the distractions, tune in only one station, the one that connects you directly to God.

When you wander off the road, grab the map (Bible), re-focus on the destination and drive. It really is about the consistent progress and not the perfection of the journey. I love Matthew 18:22, Jesus says He will tell us not seven times, but seventy seven. Think about that. Progress, not perfection. God loves you warts and all. Focus on what He has given you, THE POWER TO OVERCOME.

Seek, and activate that which you already own!


…………….and so I ride

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