Unlock and activate what God has for you!

I would like to make changes in my life, health, financial, etc and so on. I think it is probably safe to say I am not alone. We all feel the need to change at some point.

So I buy the book, get all the fancy equipment, whatever it takes to make this change easier I purchase. The commitment to get ready to change was fairly easy if not hard on my pocketbook.

However, the commitment that is harder to make, is the one to actually work on “the change”. The book sits on the shelf, the equipment sits unopened and I sit on the couch doing nothing.

I know that permanent change comes best through small but consistent steps, but I find it hard to make even the smallest increments of change. It takes commitment. It takes an honest desire to put forth the effort it is going to take to make this change. Somehow I don’t feel capable.

God doesn’t want that for us. He wants us happy, healthy, and walking with Him. Given the chance, He is perfectly capable of getting us through the change that is challenging us.

It takes a consistent habit of unlocking and activating the biblical principles that will break the chains of bondage that bind us. Think about it a minute, what would happen in your life if you actually put those principles in place, read your Bible, talk to God, let Him know you need help, receive the help He offers. Try it, it is exhilarating to experience victory, freedom and peace. God has already given you the tools, own them and use them.


……………..and so I ride

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