Follow the example of the sunflower. 

Driving home to see my family we pass fields of sunflowers. Straight and tall, always pointing in the direction of the sun. It seems as if the sunflowers seek the sunshine they need to thrive. It is basic and straightforward for them, seek the light and you will live.

It seems there is great spiritual truth to be learned from the simple sunflower. God promises us that if we seek the sun (son) we will find it (him) also.

Think of the advantages to us of taking a cue from the sunflower and following every move that God shows us, keeping our face pointed directly into the sun(son)shine.

When the sunflower senses that it is no longer receiving enough sunshine to be beneficial it simply adjusts accordingly and starts moving in the correct direction again, allowing beneficial growth to continue unhindered. The same can be true for us if we seek the light and make adjustments when shadows shut out the light. It is only when we live in the light that we will continue to grow in the strength of our Lord.


……..and so I ride


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