Taking Responsibilty

To continue a previous stream. 
Some times I am pretty good at running my mouth. When someone confides to me about a hurtful comment or an injustice my response could easily be, well that isn’t happening in my world. Or I might say I would never stand still for that. A favorite phrase is, back me into a corner and I come out fighting. I guess if truth be told that could be translated as, back me into a corner and I come out running empty, meaningless babble out of my mouth. 
My point is although we love to say we don’t let others words and actions affect us, we do. Although we don’t admit we let others actions towards us affect what we think about ourselves, they do. In fact at times we alter what we do, what we wear, where we go and even at times who we are, because of some one else’s opinion. It is not often we admit that fact but just because we don’t admit something does not mean it is not true. 
We live in a society soaked in unrealistic and untrue “truths”. When society says the ideal weight is much lower than we have ever weighed, we buy into it. When our neighbors have the best lawn on the block, we out do them. When society says life is about taking care of number one, we buy it hook, line and sinker. Everything we do, if we are honest, is usually measured at least to some degree by the “what would the neighbor think” standard. 
If only we could take God at His word as easily as we take societies word to heart. It doesn’t even have to be society at large we are basing our “truth”s on. We tend to take so many others opinions as our own. Family, spouse, neighbor, community leaders, boss, clergy (yes) all have words for us that may or may not be what is in our best interest. 
Let me lay out a few truths for you that you CAN count on and base your life on. These truths are the only foundation you need to build from. 
“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb”. 

You were made by the God of creation. He knew you before you were born. Rest in that fact. 
“You are fearfully and wonderfully made” yes, that’s you I’m talking about. Let’s unpack that for just a minute here. Sit back and let these facts soak into your heart. 
In the original Hebrew text of the Bible, the word fearfully means: with great reverence, heart-felt interest and with respect. The word wonderfully means: unique, set apart, marvelous. (Google Definitions) 
So you, who feel totally unworthy some days, you who feel like you just don’t live up to anyone’s expectations of you, listen to me! You were made with the greatest reverence, you were made because deep in God’s heart He cares for you like no one else does, you were made by God with respect. When was the last time you felt revered and respected by others? When was the last time you felt someone was really interested? Well my friend, that is the exact set of circumstances in which you were created. 

Let me continue, you were made “wonderfully” you. Uniquely you- by design. Set- apart and marvelous you- by design. If God created and believes these things of you why do you believe otherwise? 
Jeremiah 1:5 

““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;.”

This verse is so beautiful and should help us to understand the completeness of God’s love for us. He took time before creating each of us to get to know exactly who He wanted us to be. We are well thought out creations, at the hands of the master. We aren’t some slapped together, hap hazard, thrown together mess of parts. We are wonderfully and uniquely made. 
Take responsibility for your life. Only you can decide if you are going to live thinking you are who society says you are, or who God says you are. Only you can make the decision to place control with the only one who truly knows you deep enough and loves you with a love strong enough to carry you to the goal of becoming all you were made to be. 
Who will you believe? 

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