Getting Lost in the Crowd

Having to lay in bed all evening and night with my leg elevated gave me a lot of time to do what I love most. Ponder the words of Jesus and write about them.
Scripture lays out the story of God’s love for us quite plainly. God sent His Son to die for us, each and every one of us. There is not one on this earth that the blood of Jesus did not cover. The vastness of that is unfathomable.

But don’t you feel that at times you get lost being a tiny part of everybody? I think that we wonder how in the world God can care for us, value us and love us with His whole heart when Satan is telling us every day that we are simply trash to be thrown out, that we are in fact dispensable and not worthy of a love like God is offering. It is easy to feel lost in the crowd and invisible.

Then I remember that God created the heaven, earth and all that is on it. God made water, light and darkness, He made air, seasons, the sun, stars, the creatures of sea and land. It fills me with wonder that at the same time He did that, He made me. God not only made me but He made me in His image. Then He looked around and pronounced it good. Not part of His creation, but ALL CREATION. You and me included.
This is why I can rest assured that I am loved. God loves me. God proclaimed it!

I will not accept the price tag that society puts on me and Satan glorifies, nor should you. When you start to feel tiny in the vastness of everybody remember what God did. He created magnificence. Then as the ultimate show of love, He emptied Himself and took the form of man. He humbled Himself and died a cruel death for you and for me. He valued me and you above all else. He saw the treasure you and I are. That kind of love is hard to comprehend but we don’t have to understand it, we have to feel it, believe it and claim it.

So quit trying to earn what you already possess. Do you understand the implications of your inheritance? The implications of what you have already inherited actually. All that God has done, all His characteristics, you can claim this inheritance now. God loves you simply because you are His child. He created you, He died for you.

Don’t worry about getting lost in the crowd, you own the crown and God’s sees every move you make. He will not lose sight of you. You are covered with a heavenly light.


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