Campfire Thoughts


We camped this weekend. It was incredible to meet the campers around us. There were retired couples who have loads of time to travel from place to place. They had very interesting and unique stories. There were working people who were taking advantage of a long weekend away and who were often seeking a safe outlet for the frustrations or joys of their lives. There were families who were vacationing with their kids. Kids being kids they were more than happy to regale us with lots of family history!

We all happened to converge on one particular campground at the same time. We will probably never see these people again, but for one night we occupied the same space in the world.

We speak with our new friends of our adventures, the good, bad and ugly. We introduce our families and meet theirs. We sit around a campfire and share whatever version of S’mores is popular at the moment. We gladly and enthusiastically talk of our “toys” that are along with us, whether they be Harley’s or side by side’s or horses or of course, our faithful dog companions. You name it, we love to share those stories. It is humans connecting in a comfortable, enjoyable and un-encumbered environment.

How often does that happen?

As we talk with these kindred campers, we have the perfect opportunity to share exactly where our hope lies and why it lies there. Do we do it? It is hard to step over that line sometimes because you know that there is a very real possibility that the conversation will not be welcome, and that would be, well uncomfortable.

However, is it worth being uncomfortable to plant a seed of gospel in a life that might be devoid of that? Or maybe the seed has already been planted and you will be the water and sunshine that makes that seed sprout, is it worth it then?
Maybe the reward we are seeking with a weekend away should not lie so much in the fact that we get to light a campfire, as it should be we get to light a fire for Jesus. The true joy lies in watching that fire take off and burn!

…………..and so I ride

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