Christian Elitist

Someone I love very much told me not to long ago that he was trying to “to figure this Christian thing” out but it was very hard because even when observing self proclaiming Christians the messages are mostly mixed.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

Ok, I have thought about it for a minute, yes, it is absolutely true.

Shamefully, hurtfully and detrimentally true.

Proverbs 16:27 makes it pretty clear what God thinks of one of the most common things that sets Christians back. Gossip. Burning lips are not becoming on anyone. Revealing facts about others private lives is simply wrong. Behind closed doors or not, if it is not proper to discuss in the open in front of those being talked about it is not proper to be discussed behind closed doors especially by those proclaiming to be winning the lost. If it has to be shut in a room maybe it should not be said in the first place.

We have to be careful not to set ourselves up as Christian Elitists. I know it is a common thing in our society but there is only one who is worthy of judging another and that is Christ.

I think that it is far better to show empathy, forgiveness, and compassion than to set ourselves up as judge and jury. Exclusivism doesn’t seem to fit very well with the Christian lifestyle.

Jesus is not concerned with social class, with status or etiquette of those who are seeking Him. He simply wants a hungry heart. That is why we as Christians are placed where we are. Not to judge but to serve.
Jesus will welcome that hungry heart with open arms……… we?

Quite often those hungry hearts come with much baggage. One look, comment or action that says “I am better than you” and therefore you are excluded from what I have, can send that hungry heart right out the door. That door is then locked tight, as a form of self preservation from years of prior lifestyles and more than a little left over shame and guilt.

Our play books as Christians are entirely different than that of the world. I do not believe that we as Christians are supposed to concern ourselves with the lives of those who have surrendered to the things that society offers.
I believe that if someone comes to us seeking Christian guidance, we are to help them find their way to Christ. Period.

I believe we are supposed to concern ourselves with letting them know that what we have they can have also. It isn’t about being a Christian elitist, it is about winning a heart over to God. No matter what that looks like.




………and so I ride

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