Dare to believe

I am sitting in my writing cove in my bedroom, I am surrounded by my arsenal. My Bible, a book of God’s promises are within easy reach. More importantly, God has settled in with me..
I feel led to address the un-addressable and shine the light of God’s love into an area that Satan has taken for his own.
Suicide in our community.
We have been told we are living under a dark cloud in our community. We have all felt it at one time or another and for most of us, we have been able to run to the sanctuary we have with God.
There are those however that are cloaked in a dark-night-of –the –soul depression and they simply cannot find the way out. It is a maze of hopelessness and despair, too big to navigate alone.
The future seems empty and you feel as if there is nothing to look forward to.
Suicide is something that happens when all hope is lost.
STOP and consider that it is not by chance that you are here. God put you here for a specific reason. You are precious to Him. You are a child of the King.
You may believe that God absolutely has the power to heal you but during those darkest moments you lose hope in your ability to recover.
At that point, there are two options. Give into the overwhelming temptation to commit the irreversible act of suicide, or to look to the promises God has given you.
It feels as if there is no hope in life for you but God promises to give us peace, not evil. He promises us a future and a hope. We cannot see nor can we hear the things which God has prepared for those who love Him, but we can believe it. You must believe it.
FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Walk in faith, out of the darkness.
There is no hope in death.
There is only hope in life.
I am not neglecting the very real and devastating emotional and physical pain that is experienced. But no matter what depression looks like at this moment, the attributes of God will never change. He alone has the ability to illuminate the very darkest places.
Today is your day of trouble but He is asking you to use this day to learn more about Him. Your trouble today may well be the reason you are able to extend a hand to a troubled soul tomorrow. Your compassion for another who is presently walking the path you have navigated will be seen and felt. You can offer the saving light you experienced.
You are a precious soul to which God has given talents to offer the world. Fight for the rights that you have as a child of God.
God wants to change hearts and the chance to demonstrate His power to save.
We as Christians have the best hope there is. Reach for the light.

…………….and so I ride

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