What would Jesus do?

What Would Jesus Do? Do you remember the WWJD craze of the 1990’s? Brings back memories doesn’t it? I could go into the whole history of how it originated but that is not what I want to talk about. Charles Spurgeon summed it up quite nicely when he said; What Jesus would do, and how He would do it, may always stand as the best guide.
What Would Jesus Do? It seems a hypothetical question but in reality it is not.
How do we know in this day and age what Jesus would do and how He would do it? I think that if I asked that question of all my friends I would get a lot of He would forgive, help others, live by a honest and moral code.
But isn’t that what each of us, for the most part anyway, do every single day?
However when you think back on Jesus’ life as we have read in the Bible, we remember that when Jesus was a child, he sneaked away from his parents to go to the temple, the same temple where he later wreaked havoc with tables.
There were times Jesus would speak to crowds and be among the people, there were also times He would go to be alone with His Father.
It seems confusing doesn’t it? The answer to what would Jesus do changed with the circumstances.
Remember though, He always knew what the right decision was because He listened to His Father. He was in constant contact and He sought out His Father’s advice.
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

God promises that if we listen, we will hear His voice telling us the way. Listen for it, sometimes it is barely a whisper but other times it knocks you to your knees.

To me bracelets with WWJD tend to make our very real Father seem more of a mythical figure than the Great I AM. We do not have to wear the fancy little bracelets to know what it is Jesus would do in any given circumstance. We have the same communication opportunity that Jesus did when He walked our earth.
So what would Jesus do? He would take every opportunity to seek His Father. He sought wisdom, guidance, strength and knowledge. Then He listened to the voice behind Him saying, this is the way, walk in it.

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