Winter Dormancy

Winter is a dormant season in the plant world. Physical activity is temporarily stopped. It is during this dormant period that plants prepare for strong regrowth during the next growing season. In other words even though plants look withered or dead during the cold, hard winter months their roots continue to grow deeper, strengthen and thrive preparing for the spring thaw.

When I look out in my garage at my bike sitting there with the seat off and the battery hooked up to a trickle charger I am thankful that come warmer weather she will be ready to ride because of a few extra measures I take during the cold dormant season.

I ask myself what I am doing to prepare for the coming riding season. What can I do to prepare my riding ministry for success? Am I taking the opportunity during this dormancy to strengthen my Christian roots, to establish a deeper relationship with God and my Bible or am I simply content to grow my couch potato empire?

We ride a lot in the spring, summer and as far into autumn as we can. It seems to me that with a little  preparation during the cold winter months we can make sure those rides go from simple riding for pleasure (although there is nothing wrong with that) to rides that make a difference in the Kingdom of God.

I can be content to watch my spiritual tree shed its leaves during the winter season and stand bare and withering. Or I can take the steps to make sure that when the weather warms and bikes come out of the garage, I have done all I can do to nurture the spiritual roots God has planted in me.



……………………and so I ride

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