The Perfect Job

The Perfect Job

Imagine interviewing for a job with a leader who hand-picked you and gave you a chance for who you are not in spite of who you are or worse who the community or your enemies say you are. This leader will give you great and valuable promises of your time with the company if you decide to take the job. This leader promises to always be available to you, no matter what and would never abandon you because he will look at you as part of his family. You potential leader promises you will become more and more secure in your position with this company because he will share all he has with you in a consistent and devoted manner. You are promised you can be absolutely certain that when you need wisdom you can ask and you will receive it because this leader makes sure you have a direct line of access to him. He guarantees the granddaddy of open door policies.

It is promised that you can be certain that when you make mistakes, understanding and compassion will be guaranteed and will not brought up again, as long as you recognize and humbly admit your misstep. This leader will constantly remind you that he is in this game with you, side by side, working toward the common goal.   He knows that you are no longer the person you were and he sees the new creation you will become.  Your leader vows uncompromising trust and will give you the honor of carrying on the company message. This is guaranteed because the leader promises to bestow you with the tools you need to do so. He knows that you can deliver the message with love and self-discipline because he will personally and powerfully teach you the right way. This one of a kind leader promises you will become as one with him and you and he will work side by side to obtain the company goals. He will help you to do whatever it is he is asking of you. You are promised the job is yours for eternity, there will be no lay-offs, or pay cuts. You are promised a solid and certain future once you accept the job.

Indeed, a dream job. A job with all the support, education and perks you could ever want.  A job that you cannot afford to pass up because it will change your life.

Replace the words your leader with God. This is what we are promised as heirs of Christ. This is (in part) who we are in Christ. I took these promises from the scripture list I posted yesterday just because I wanted to apply it to my life in a way that I could easily connect with. It makes me smile.


……………………and so I ride


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