What a child taught me this Halloween.

Like a child

We were so fortunate to be able to help with the CMA booth Halloween night. Although dozens and dozens of children stopped at our booth wanting to ride our mini motorcycles, just as many wanted one of our helium filled balloons. There was one little guy who stood out to me and absolutely stole my heart but more than that he brought a lesson I will not soon forget.

Our little gentleman wanted one of our balloons, in fact he was quite insistent and it was apparent he thought he needed one of those balloons. Thinking we, the adults knew best, we tried tying that balloon on him many different ways so it would not fly to the ceiling never to be reclaimed. However, he was having none of it, he wanted his balloon to be free.

After the mandatory game of “my balloon is faster than your balloon” with his twin brother, I watched as he purposely opened his fingers and watched as his balloon floated to the ceiling. The amazing part was he didn’t cry, he didn’t throw a two year old fit, once he set his balloon free he was content to leave it right where it had floated. Next, just to make sure I got the message loud and clear I guess, he set five or six more balloons free with as much joy and exuberance as the first one.

It was a wonderful and somewhat humbling illustration to me of how we should handle giving our burdens to God. Joyfully and with the utmost confidence that they are right where they are meant to be.

Psalm 55:22 says to cast your burdens on the Lord and He will sustain you. We should set our burdens on God just as our little gentleman did with his balloons. However we all know that is easier said than done. We love to say we have given our problems to God, until things don’t go as we planned. Then more often than not, we think it is time to snatch them back and give problem solving another whirl.

Go ahead and open your fingers that are pried to your burdens, let them float to the hand of God. Let them be so far gone that even if you wanted to you could not retrieve them. But more importantly, realize that no matter what is going on in our lives and no matter how many problem balloons we have to release to God, it is alright because God is waiting to take each and every balloon we offer up.

In exchange for our balloons, God gives us the wisdom, comfort, grace and strength to leave them in His possession.

Become like a trusting child again and as you rise from your place of prayer, leave your problems balloons in the care of the one you claim to trust like no other. Prove to Him that He has your trust.

God I humbly thank you for bringing this precious little one to me and allowing him to share with me the pure, honest and forthright wisdom of a child.


…………………and so I ride

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