Accept that you are just one more ordinary person- Rejoice that God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

I love the book of Hebrews, also known as the Hall of Faith. Chapter 11 tell us of those who conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and shut the mouths of lions through their faith. Fire was quenched, weakness was turned to strength and the sword was escaped all because an ordinary person possessed extraordinary faith.
We tend to look at Hebrews 11 and feel small and inadequate but you will find no scripture in the bible where great faith requires a person to be great, famous, good looking or rich. Great faith requires a great love, only then can ordinary man go on to do extraordinary things.
God will take ordinary people, people just like you and me and use them in extraordinary ways. We must be careful here however, I don’t think God wants us to look at ourselves as “Super Christians”, whether we own the cape or not. We probably should not be making grand entrances into trouble with the air of “I am here, everything will be fine now!!”
Resort to the tool that will result in greatness, lay down your pride and be humble. God uses humble people quite effectively because in His wisdom God does not look at the outward appearance, Our God looks at the heart.
What a refreshing thing that is! This is a stark contrast to the way most people live and think.
To truly be humble you must get out of the way and not steal God’s glory when He is working through you. Learn how to gracefully step aside and put the credit where it belongs, that is the most effective way to become useful to God.
If you were in the right place at the right time, it is because God put you there. Don’t look at being humble as a weakness that you must work to overcome. It is quite the opposite, being humble puts us in the perfect place to receive God’s grace. Being humble is a necessary part of becoming everything God has called us to be.
If God can hang the stars on high,
Can paint the clouds that drift on by,
Can send the sun across the sky,
What can His power do through you? —Jones

……………………..and so I ride

Stay Humble WOW

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