Accept that you are just one more ordinary person- Rejoice that God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

I love the book of Hebrews, also known as the Hall of Faith. Chapter 11 tell us of those who conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and shut the mouths of lions through their faith. Fire was quenched, weakness was turned to strength and the sword was escaped all because an ordinary person possessed extraordinary faith.
We tend to look at Hebrews 11 and feel small and inadequate but you will find no scripture in the bible where great faith requires a person to be great, famous, good looking or rich. Great faith requires a great love, only then can ordinary man go on to do extraordinary things.
God will take ordinary people, people just like you and me and use them in extraordinary ways. We must be careful here however, I don’t think God wants us to look at ourselves as “Super Christians”, whether we own the cape or not. We probably should not be making grand entrances into trouble with the air of “I am here, everything will be fine now!!”
Resort to the tool that will result in greatness, lay down your pride and be humble. God uses humble people quite effectively because in His wisdom God does not look at the outward appearance, Our God looks at the heart.
What a refreshing thing that is! This is a stark contrast to the way most people live and think.
To truly be humble you must get out of the way and not steal God’s glory when He is working through you. Learn how to gracefully step aside and put the credit where it belongs, that is the most effective way to become useful to God.
If you were in the right place at the right time, it is because God put you there. Don’t look at being humble as a weakness that you must work to overcome. It is quite the opposite, being humble puts us in the perfect place to receive God’s grace. Being humble is a necessary part of becoming everything God has called us to be.
If God can hang the stars on high,
Can paint the clouds that drift on by,
Can send the sun across the sky,
What can His power do through you? —Jones

……………………..and so I ride

Stay Humble WOW

Self Loathing, the biggest lie yet

I hate myself when I open the checkbook and there is no money left even though I was paid only two days ago. I hate myself when I wake up in the morning with a hangover knowing full well that I had vowed it would never happen again. I hate who I see when I look in a full length mirror. I am overweight and I hate myself for letting it happen. I would like to take a sledge hammer to that mirror. You can fill in your blanks here because we all have things that we do that cause us to hate the very essence of who we believe we are.

1 Samuel 16:7 tells us The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

I think that it would do us some good to remember that God loves us for who we are not in spite of who we are. This is not a one shot deal, not something that is true when we are skinny and are eating right, when we haven’t spent money we shouldn’t have, when we didn’t overdo it at the party last night and when we are generally feeling giddy about ourselves and our life. This is who God is, He loves His children unconditionally at all times and in all circumstances.

Remember in Ephesians it says that He wants us to grasp just how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love for us is. He wants us to know that He loves us in a way that surpasses our knowledge.

Period, Bam, end of story.

So where does this self-loathing, come from?

I want you to read a definition of what self –loathing means and to help you (ok me) to understand just how big of a deal this is. Self-loathing is more than just feeling negative about yourself.  To loath is to experience a strong dislike or disgust – an intense aversion and of and for one’s self.

To loath your “Self” is to hate yourself.

Is this ringing some bells yet? Who do you think grabs any foothold that He can see in our lives and takes residence? If you said Satan, you are right. If you are looking in the mirror and hating what you see, realize what you are seeing reflected back at you is a person that God created and loves with so much passion that we cannot begin to understand. Do you have any right to hate what God so lovingly and painstakingly created?

Unfortunately self-hate is very popular in our society but it is also very, very destructive spiritually. You think Satan doesn’t want us to hate ourselves, you are wrong. You are God’s artwork and of course Satan is going to go after you with all he has got.

Your entire quality of life is downgraded and Satan’s kingdom is strengthened when you fail to love yourself and when you fail to appreciate the person God so lovingly created.

Now does God want us to  spend money recklessly, to drink or eat to a point called gluttony? No He certainly does not. There are many scriptures that tell us that. God wants us to develop skills (with His help) to control our habits and to live in a way that brings glory to Him.

But let’s take one step at a time and let’s start with learning to love ourselves as the children of God we are. I believe that only then can we bring the bad habits under control.

Start from a position of absolute knowledge that you are loved. Instead of looking in the mirror and being filled with shame, look at the person gazing back at you with the same love that God has for you. You will then be in a much stronger position to go forth and control those passions that make you do the very things that you vowed you would never do.

The road to a healthier lifestyle does not have to be a steep incline that is torture and bound to make you quit sooner rather than later. The road to a healthier life should start by looking in the mirror and saying “hello beautiful, let’s have a great God filled day, the rest will fall into place.

Christ made you a new creature and you are no longer in bondage to sin. CLAIM IT!


…………….and so I ride2673_1024x768

Starting Over

Starting Over.

Self-sufficiency is a coveted commodity in our society. We all know people that have made their way all on their own and are proud that they need no one but themselves to get by.

But then one day, God brings even the most self-sufficient to a place where they have no strength, no answers, no money, no job and no choices except to turn to God and say, help me.

It can be exceedingly painful and extremely humbling.

Starting over is like learning to walk ………. start-overs and setbacks are a part of life. How many times does the little one tumble before he learns to walk with steady grace?

Another thing I can tell you with an amount of certainty is that most likely, you are not where you are because of some fluke of nature but you are in the starting gate of life because God needs to show you something.

Do not and I repeat DO NOT misunderstand what I am saying, I am not negating your pain or situation in any way. You have lost a spouse, you have lost every material possession you had in this world, your best friend died, you have gotten a terrible diagnosis, your child died, your job is gone and all prospects have dried up. You have been abused, or drugs or alcohol have their steely grip on you, maybe the friends you thought you could count on have betrayed and deserted you. The circumstances you are facing are deadly serious and they hurt like hell.

You hurt, you cry, you threaten, you shout, and finally you admit that you have absolutely nothing left on this earth.

At this point there is nothing left to lose.

That’s the good news.

While you are pleading with God and asking “Why me Lord, what did I do to deserve this? God is softly telling you that He has heard His son speak the same words.

 Trust Him through this.

Whatever your circumstances of your life at this moment you can come out a winner. If you have sinned, repent. If you are facing a battle, seek God’s will and let Him handle the battle for you. If you are in unfamiliar and unknown territory, know with absolutely certainty that God has a blessing waiting for you there and rejoice in that fact. To those who have cheated, mistreated, lied about you, offer up prayers for them. If you have traveled a road that you never should have traveled, work with God to find your way back to the road He wants you to follow. If every treasure you have on this earth is suddenly gone, know with certainty that the real treasure awaits you.

 God offers you the way to start over and find the significance that has thus far eluded you. Know that you can be the inspiration to others that they are so desperately seeking. However you first have to grab that courage, strength and wisdom and trust what is being offered. Don’t let the simple act of unconditional love offered by God be covered up in the mess, loss and hurt of the moment.

Do not give up.

Mother Teresa said that “When you have nothing left but God, you have more than enough to start over again”

There is such truth in that statement, it is not romantic drivel, it is solid, wonderful, honest truth.

I know there is fear in uncertainy. You are afraid of more pain, you are afraid your life will be very different, you are afraid God has drawn the map but misplaced the compass. I can tell you that the tighter you hold onto the reins of control in this torturous moment the more intense the pain will become and the more extreme the battle will be.

When God gives you the opportunity to start over, know that He is giving you the chance to start over with Him. Don’t look at this as a roadblock, but recognize the road could very well be GONE and God is offering you a bridge to a better way, the ONLY WAY that is going to get you where He desires you to be.

Will it take a leap of faith, of course it will, just as it will take a trust that only comes from seeking God every single second of every single day. You will find growth, significance, greater closeness with God and the unexplainable peace that presides over every circumstance every day when God is involved.

There is so much wrong in the world but with God there is so much more right.

So go ahead, find the courage to let go and start over. You will be glad you did.

“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus” (NIV).


…………and so I ride


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