Journey vs destination vs journey vs destination vs journey vs destination

I am thinking about a couple of popular quotes this morning.
“It’s the journey, not the destination.” That seems to be a trendy quote especially among the motorcycle crowd.
The other is “don’t confuse your journey with your destination.”
While an argument can be made for both quotes I think rather more to the point is, always remembering the correct way to your final destination.
Each of us are on a journey to a destination. Not to confuse things further but you have to take your journey to achieve your destination. Each journey is individually unique in a specific way. It seems to me the way you conduct your journey will ultimately determine your destination.
While it is important to enjoy the journey and it is desirable to achieve, and to accomplish and even to acquire in this life, that cannot and should not be the entire purpose of the journey. Nor I suppose, should the entire purpose be to have our lives resemble an ongoing party. Although on the surface that seems quite fun. Go ahead and pursue the big things and the fun things, but not at the expense of the little but important things and not in a way that puts your chosen destination in jeopardy.
Yesterday a hard lesson was driven home to me, well a couple of things actually. Quite frankly the journey matters a great deal, but determining your eternal destination is the most important decision you will ever make. It is only when you have decided where your destination will be that you can plan your journey accordingly.
Don’t put off what really matters for the things that are simply desirable. Enjoy your family and friends, and nurture those important relationships. Build your journey around what God would have you do.
To say that the journey is more important than the destination is to say what you are experiencing on earth is more important that where you will spend eternity when you reach your destination. It denies the significance of your destination.
Perhaps the most important thing is to always remember your destination. Don’t get sidetracked on your journey for you NEVER know when you will achieve your goal and it is important that you have worked to get to the right destination.
…………..and so I ride




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