Knowing God is better than knowing the answers

To everything there is a season
Part Two
Think about the season you are experiencing. Have you dug deeper than the surface, have you tried to discover what God is revealing about Himself to you? Although we rarely get to choose the seasons of our lives, we can chose how to navigate those seasons.
Think about Job. His possessions, loved ones and health was taken from him. There is something to be learned in this for us.
Foundations. Can we say that if our lives were stripped bare as Job’s was, that God would be enough? Do we trust God, truly trust God only because we are living the life we want? When our faith is tested we will have (just as Job did) friends and family coming out of the woodwork saying “where is your God now?” “Why do you trust a God who would do this to you?”
I must admit that I can’t speak for God, when those kinds of questions arise I have to fall back on my belief that God is in control, that God lead me into the storm and He will lead me out. I cannot answer why things happen as they do, only God can do that.
I simply have to trust God no matter what happens. I have to accept that there will be bad right along with the good. It helps me to see more clearly who God really is, and to understand for once and for all that God is enough for me, whether it is within blessings or suffering.
Please know that if you are in a season of testing, that eventually all storms run out of rain and even more important is the fact that a tough season can result in a bumper crop. The promise of a deeper relationship with God and a clearer understanding of the character of God is a bountiful harvest. It is a harvest we can put in the bank!

…………………………and so I ride


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