To Everything there is a season

This morning Earl called me his hero and I shot back to him that I didn’t feel like a hero, I felt like a failure. Sorry honey, personal I know, but I have a point to make. Of course that got me to thinking, or I should say that God grabbed that right away and gave me another life lesson. Sometimes I hate life lessons, but when God delivers those lessons they are always beneficial.
Ecc 3:1
To everything there is a season.
The bible clearly tells us that timing is everything. The secret to dipping into God’s peace is to realize, accept and mostly to appreciate and welcome the fact that God’s timing is indeed unflawed and to move within the perfection of God’s timing.
Our lives change, we live in constant progression, our circumstances and situations will ebb and flow, that is a given. However, just as the sun comes up the sun will set, if we fix our gaze on our steady God, we will find quietness and confidence in our Father who is in control of it all., no matter the season.
Don’t wait to seek and celebrate God in the next season of your life, now is the time you have been waiting for. More importantly, now is the time God has been waiting for.
Remember that every season, read that again, EVERY SEASON, is hand delivered by God for a particular purpose in your life. Sure we all tend to like one season over another for all kinds of reasons, but the fact remains, God gives us all of them.
I have much more to say about the seasons in our lives but in the interest of not overwhelming I have decided to do something I rarely do. I will do this devotional in a couple of sessions. Until then, celebrate the seasons of your life for the gifts they are. Use those seasons to learn more about our God.
…………….and so I ride
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