Isaiah 41: 10-13

At no time in my life have I depended on this scripture more than the last couple of years. Isn’t it wonderful that although we are told to have courage and not fear it doesn’t really mean that we are to single-handedly conquer that which makes us afraid? Rather we can rest in the assurance and absolute certainty of knowing that God is near and that no matter what, He is there to help us through every difficulty.

Unfortunately anxieties, stress, panic and alarming situations are a part of life and have been for a very long time. That is what I love about the Bible. It connects the past with the present. Isaiah 41: 10-13 was written centuries ago, it was relevant then, it is relevant now.

The people of that time needed a reminder of God’s presence just as we do. Isn’t it wonderful that God tells us not to be afraid because He is with us and He will help us no matter what.  I don’t know about you but when I have God holding me as I cross uncharted waters I have need of little else. Take confidence in the fact that God is speaking directly to you when He says “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”


………………….and so I ride

Isaiah 411013


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