We can be so shortsighted sometimes.

Mistakes Unsearchable

We are out there on our personal mission field telling everyone who will listen that our God does not make mistakes and if it is happening it is happening for a reason.

Until it happens to us.

Our lives can be laden with what appears to be hard luck that we just know was meant for someone else. You have said this, I have said this……Oh come on God, why me, there has to be some mistake because I don’t deserve this. It certainly can’t be my mistake? Right?

We might not deserve it and probably don’t understand it but you can bet if God brings it to your doorstep you need it. God absolutely does not make mistakes, but we do, in abundance and He certainly allows us to live in a world where mistakes are plentiful. Could it really be that we are to learn from our mistakes? What a concept. That would seem to be putting the tough mistakes to the best use.

Our response should always be when God speaks, we will respond in faith. We should be trying to hear, not simply listen.  We know deep down in our hearts that God, because He does not make mistakes has a special purpose for everything. Looking at it that way, mistakes can be God’s gift to us, we would not be the people we are capable of becoming without facing the consequences of our mistakes. Learning the hard way is sometimes the only way. If you look hard enough at the mistakes my bet would be that you will find the good that God is bringing from them. It is all about becoming perfected, not being perfect.

Seems a lot like redemption doesn’t it? God is so good at it.


……………………..and so I ride

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