Replace Worry with the Truth

Thank you Tina Stewart for reminding me that God is faithful and allowing worry to invade space where God should be is not a good or fruitful thing.

You asked me about a passage in Matthew. Verses 6: 25-34 to be exact, saying that 34 stood out for you.

Don’t worry, Be happy seems to be the overriding theme here. Easier said than done, I know.

I found a study on human behavior that said that although we all worry only 7% of the things we worry about are actually worth worrying over. Or put in another way a whopping 93% of the things we stress over either won’t come to bear or are things that are totally out of our control.

I admit that I am a worrier. Some things that are easy to stress over are things that happened in our past, or things that are only possibilities and things that we have absolutely no control over. Looking at those things through our human eyes makes them appear larger than life, and tends to make them seem certainties rather than possibilities.

God has a point when He tells us to quit looking at life through earthly eyes and to start looking at life through His eyes.

Looking at the miracles of creation how can we not trust our God with the details? If we are spending our time worrying about tomorrow we are wasting precious time we could be using to make progress today.

Verse 7 in Matthew says that “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” We all know the effects that worry can have on one’s health, it seems that God knew this fact long before we did. Go figure. Worrying has never prevented bad from happening but it sure can hamper good things if you are more focused on the worry than the good.

When we are focused on what might be instead of WHAT IS, I think it is pretty easy to forget that God does not abandon those who depend on Him. Worry by its very definition means to “give way to anxiety or unease” Read the first two words of that definition again. GIVE WAY. Replace worry with truth. Don’t give way to anxiety and unease, stand in what you know is true and that is God.


……………………….and so I ridefear-and-faith-550x320

I set out to find the answer to a question that has been laying heavy on my mind. Is God ever really silent or do we simply miss what He is saying? Do we skid right on by His words to us in the clatter and clutter of life?

Does He give us silence to make us question or does He give us silence to give us the chance to gain a bigger understanding of who He is?

Maybe silence is just a predecessor to a mighty revelation or work in your life? Silence might be God’s way of bringing you to His own destiny for you? Maybe His silence is not so much a time to doubt as a time built for creating a greater hunger in us for Him.

God spends a lot of time listening to us. Prayers endlessly multiplied. It could be His silence is really Him saying to us……………..I have listened to you, now I would like you to listen for a while.

Silence endlessly multiplied.

Even when silence is the loudest sound in the room, we are not alone, God did not suddenly become unfaithful. We are not abandoned, we are simply invited to enter the silence with Him. Where there is silence there is also intimacy. Let the presence of God fill the silence, let the silence show you who God really is. Isn’t that the ultimate demonstration of trust, to be comfortable in the silent presence of God and know with certainty He is there even in the absence of words or actions?

Just because we cannot hear Him does not mean He is not near. Don’t despair in the dark silence. The dawn always follows the darkness.


………………….and so I ride