“He has taken His place in her”

Psalm 46:5

God is within her, she will not fall

God will help her at break of day

A very good friend of mine gave me this verse last night. It was at a time when nothing but the word of God would comfort, for both of us I think. It was only when I breathed these words of truth in that I could close my eyes and rest.

I like the translation I read this morning, “God has taken His place in her”. That brings so much comfort for we know the attributes of God, there is nothing beyond what He can do. We often wait in His presence to hear His words of comfort and healing. But this verse tells us there is more.

This verse gives new meaning to waiting in His presence. We are not only in His presence, He has taken His place in us, He is in essence every breath we take. That is beyond comfort to me.

Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10, just a few verses later takes on new meaning when coupled with the fact that He is no longer sitting across from us holding our hand assuring us it will be ok. He is living and breathing as we do. He is one with us. It is easier to wait in His presence when we know that He is our presence.

Praise you Father for giving us what we need, when we need it. We truly can find rest in you.

Thank you for good friends who hide your words in their heart and let those words bring comfort.


………………………and so I rideBe-Still

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