Promised Land

It is said we live in the Promised Land, yet it seems we spend much more time wandering in the Wilderness than we do enjoying the Promised Land.

Life happens, and it happens to all of us. But day after day a“wandering” we go. It is very common to dwell on the unfairness of life and even more so to wear out several pairs of shoes wandering as we keep investing too much time in the following thinking.

  • They do not know what I have been through, they only know the barest of facts, how dare they say those things to me.
  • I cannot do this one minute longer, life is so unfair and I have been dealt the most unfair blow of all can’t everyone see that I am struggling?
  • I have no control over what is happening to me so I am just going to quit caring. It hurts to much.
  • It is easier to hide and not participate in life than accept reality and live in it rather than fight against it.
  • A friend will say one thing to your face and quite another behind your back.

Don’t get me wrong, every single one of those things may be true. No one and I repeat no one knows the truth about any situation unless they have been by your side every second of every day. There are times we do feel like we cannot stand to the pressure of life for one second longer. There are times the unfairness of life knocks the wind right out of you then sits on your chest so you can’t take a breath.  Let me tell you another thing. It is said that God will never give us more than we can handle, well that is a bunch of hooey, God will never give us more than HE can handle. All we have to do is let Him.

So dear friends, I hope that you will take it to heart when I say that you are right, no one knows what you have been through, and they will keep making assumptions that hurt like the dickens. You will hear, “get over it”, “don’t you think you have carried this on long enough”, “well I never intended it that way, you misunderstood”. Some of it may be true, some not so much. Although there may be a fair share of ruffled feathers, If we are grounded in God’s truth it doesn’t really matter.

God knows what you have been through, that is all that matters. God does and will continue to walk us through tough stuff until He gets us where He desires we be. It is only when we walk through the hard places that we learn to trust Him like we have never trusted anyone in our lives. We wouldn’t be learning these lessons if God had not placed these people in our lives.

I heard or read (I can’t remember) a sermon once that said that those unlikely voices that God places in our lives are there for a reason. I like to think those unlikely voices may well be God.

Hang on dear friends, for He is leading us to a new place, a place of peace, the place we have been seeking for a long time.

God does not bring us to the wilderness to leave us there, He brings us to the wilderness so that we can find Him there.


………………..and so I ridebible13


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