“My emptiness was filling me up”

HeartSunset.text_-300x265 That seems to be a complete catch 22 statement.

We mistake the feeling of emptiness as unhappiness, depression, emotional pain, incompleteness, despair or probably a lot of other things.

The thing about it is ……empty is empty. If we let it, emptiness can fill us to the point of agony. It is at that point that we try to fill that emptiness. It is a hole, it is a deficiency and it is crying to be filled, so we do.

Off we go on a journey to fill the void that is leaving us wanting something more. Food, work, frugs, alcohol, meddling, gossiping, clothes, the list is endless. The more we try to fill the emptiness the more it takes. No matter how much we do or how much we get, it is never enough to fill the emptiness.

It doesn’t take long to discover that the void we are trying to fill is a bottomless pit. It is a void that is very much like quicksand.

There is nothing that we can provide as humans that will fill that void. We look to earthly means of filling the void, instead of Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can look into our hearts and show us that He is the one and only thing that can effectively fill our deep emptiness.

I think that God made the emptiness in our hearts with for a specific reason, to be filled by Him and Him alone. Let the Lord our God lead you back to the only thing that can quench the thirst in your soul, let Him lead you back to the only thing that can fill the emptiness in your heart.

Fill me with Your promises and the power of Your love Father for that is the only cure that will last eternally.

Mother Teresa said it so well. “It is only when you realize your nothingness, your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself. Souls of prayer are souls of great silence”.

Dottie……………………..and so I ride.


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