Wasting Time

I am hearing that it will be motorcycle riding temperatures the next couple of days. Those of us who ride spend the winter counting the days until spring. We wait impatiently for a day or two of warmer temps so we can break the monotony of winter and fire up the bikes and ride.

We usually put the “Winter Wait” to good use, we plan our summer riding schedule, we work on our bikes if there are repairs that need to be done, pour through catalogs our browse our favorite motorcycle showroom looking for motorcycle accessories. We generally get our plans and bikes in shape and ready to roll as soon as spring rolls in.

I wonder do we take the same interest in seeing that the time spent on earth waiting for our Heavenly Father is a productive time. We know that time is short here on earth and there is no time to spare, but how seriously do we take that?

Time is so precious that God gave it to us in one second increments. How many of those seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years do we waste while piddling around here in our earthly home? Do we really take seriously the urgency facing us?

We can recoup a lot of things in our lives, with enough money and work we can usually replace almost any material possession we need to. That is not true with time that we should have been spending cementing our eternal home. When that time is gone…………………….it’s gone.

One day it will be too late.

I don’t think that God put us here on earth to waste time, I believe He put us here to prepare for eternity and to help others find the way too. I don’t know about you but when I finally meet Jesus I don’t want to be standing in His presence  and have to admit that I found almost everything in my life more important than Him.

I don’t want to admit that I was too busy wasting time to prepare to meet my King. I am not sure how long I have left on this earth, none of us are. I don’t believe we have time to waste.

I do think I have a solution however, if you love to ride…………. you love to ride and you are probably not going to stop. I think one way that I shall prepare for eternity is by riding for Jesus. In all that I do I hope to bring glory to my Father that includes riding my motorcycle. So excuse me while I go work on my bike……..I have eternity to prepare for!

Dottie Rankin

And so I ride……………………………………………..Motorcyclefish

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