Be Still And Know That I Am God

Be still and know that i am God

There are times in life when the answers you are looking for are elusive and the things you thought you knew to be true of your life no longer feel true. God feels like He is a thousand miles away and playing hide and seek with you. What you once took for granted as truth seems like a cruel joke as despair and heartache settle into your soul. The support you crave so deeply is hidden in a forest so thick that you get lost trying to find it. God seems to have taken an extended vacation and you were not invited.
Those are the times that you grab hold of the things you know to be true of God. You take those things and wrap them around you like the warmest cloak on the coldest winter night.
God is our Creator- God is Love- God is full of justice and mercy- God is eternal- God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow- God is the Great Healer- God is the ultimate planner- God cares for you
Those are not facts that might be true or could be true if only you behaved better or weren’t a sinner or any one of a thousand things. Those things are hard and fast truths that you can COUNT ON.
It could be that the prayers you think are not being answered are in all actuality being answered in the grandest way possible but in a way that seems so stupid to you that you are having trouble holding to the truth of the Sovereignty of our Father.
It could be that you are in a place called preparation. Preparation is a beautiful place to be as God reveals what that is inside you has not been unleashed up to now.
So if you are wading through the forest take comfort in the fact that God is clearing the path in the way he deems necessary. He will show you to the clearing and He will be waiting there for you.
…………………….and so I ride

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